[Our formal ‘Program Calendar’ will return when we all return to in-person gatherings. For now, watch our ‘Events’ calendar and our Facebook page for various Spirituality offerings.]

Welcome to the Faith United Program Calendar.  In these pages you will find a wealth of opportunities for you to explore
as you journey down the road of Communion, Compassion and Connection.

Some programs are carrying on from previous seasons, but continue to  welcome new members. Other programs are new this season.

There are also a few old favourites that people have requested make a return visit.

Take some time to read through the full booklet.  What speaks to you at this time in your life, at this point on your path?

See the back of the booklet for instructions on how to register for your selections.

Challenge yourself – stretch a bit – and remember that you are not travelling alone.  What will we explore this year?

  • “The Porch” (Lectionary Study – In Person or Online)
  • Discussion Groups
  • Spirituality programs
  • Kids programs
  • Music programs
  • Workshops
  • Wellness/Health programs
  • something for everyone!