Love Love Love

Love, Love, Love

According to the Bible Jesus gave us 3 commandments.  A commandment is not a suggestion – it’s an imperative. What are the “thou shalts” for followers of the Way of Jesus?

  • Love God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength.  (Mark 12:29-30)
  • Love your neighbour as you love yourself.  (Mark 12:31)
  • Love one another as Jesus loved his disciples.   (John 13:34-35)

And to simplify that even more we summarize it in three powerful words – Communion, Compassion, and Connection.

At whatever age or stage we’re at whether we’re beginners or seasoned veterans those three commandments must be at the very centre of our faith life.  The culture that we aspire to create in this community of Faith is a culture of living out these commandments.  It’s really not all that complicated – but it’s also not all that easy.

One way to summarize that is: Communion, Compassion, and Connection – ‘the 3 C’s.’ 
Another way to say it is simply this: Love, Love, Love!

These 3 words are the foundation of our journey.  Our constant questions as followers of the Way of Jesus are:

In what ways can I deepen my communion – my spirituality? 

In what ways can I broaden my compassion – my outreach? 

In what ways can I strengthen my connection with my fellow journeyers – my fellowship?

In these three questions are all the vision and mission any church can handle!