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Helpful Ways on How to Conquer Back To School Anxiety (or any anxiety)

Box Breathing Relaxation Technique is great for teens and adults who may experience some stress with school starting, changes in regulations, and continued concerns about COVID-19 variants. Teaching Belly Breathing from Sesame Street is a great option for a younger crowd,

A helpful article on how to create your own ‘Calming Kit’

Pentecost Books, Games, and Crafts

Books for Pentecost and The Season After Pentecost (* Have Read-aloud Available on YouTube):

Mama, Is It Summer Yet? -Nikki McClure*             Breathe and Be: A Book of Mindfulness Poems – Kate Coombs*

Juneteenth for Mazie – Floyd Cooper*                   The Longest Day: Celebrating the Summer Solstice – Wendy Pfeffer

Peace Be With You: One of the most important moments in the Pentecost story is when the many people gathered in Jerusalem heard their own languages being spoken. People in many faiths and cultures have particular phrases they use to greet one another, bless one another, or offer each other peace. In the English-speaking United Church, we often say “peace be with you.” Someone might respond with “amen” or “and also with you”.

Learn “peace be with you” in three different languages here.

Easy to Make Ribbon Pentecost Wand: All you need is Supplies: glue dots or glue, one meter of satin ribbon, one stick
or paint stir stick, permanent felt pens. Directions and images can be found here

Mental Health Resources For Youth

Family Conversation Cards: There are four pages of cards, and each page is focused on a different topic, including diversity and feelings. – Download here.

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