The Presence Project

The Presence Project

Genesis 28:16 ~ “Surely God is in this place, and I did not know it!”

God is surely not confined to churchy places. God is present everywhere. God’s Presence is drawing us to be present. Do you notice? Would you like to? Would you like your congregants to?

How would you like to transform the culture of your church using a simple immersion process for deepening both your and their spirituality?

Here’s the idea:

The idea is to infuse every aspect of your church’s life with awareness and mindfulness of God’s Presence – primarily through an affirmation (namely: Surely God is in this place! – Help me notice!) and an invitation to commune with that Presence.

It’s a “methodless method” – a non-program program! It’s not a program to run, or a technique to add, but an adaptive immersion process. (The core material is built on Brother Lawrence’s wonderful book The Practice of the Presence of God.)

Here’s how it starts:

A 60 minute pre-recorded webinar for you to learn the process. (see links below)
Commit to doing the project for 3 months.

Here’s what you get:

  • A complete 3 part sermon series (plus worship materials) to launch the project (adapt as you wish)
  • Posters for placing around your church
  • Material for Email blasts (or bulletin inserts) with quotes, explanations, encouragement, and practices (based on Brother Lawrence’s work)

Here’s how it works:

  • Preach the sermon series to begin
  • Post the posters
  • Put the affirmation on your street sign (if you have one)
  • Include the affirmation in your Sunday liturgy for 3 months (perhaps as your Call to Worship opener)
  • Commit to using “Presence” language in sermons, prayers, and liturgy
  • Begin and end every church gathering, meeting, kitchen klatch, work party and event with the affirmation
  • Send or insert the weekly email blast

That’s it. That’s all there is.
No extra work or time commitment, just a shift in how you do things, with hopefully profound transformative results!

The goal is to deepen congregants’ and ministers’ spiritual awareness and practice; and to create a culture of Practicing God’s Presence today – by adding nothing but mindfulness and intentionality.
Surely God is in this place! – Help me notice!

Many congregations have already done this process and loved it.
Are you intrigued?
Check out the videos and give it some prayerful thought!