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Noticings – February 1, 2023

NOTICINGS… February 1, 2023 One of our congregants asked me recently about the Lord’s Prayer. Their question was about why we’ve added in the words “and Mother” in the first line when we say it in church on Sundays. I had adopted that phrase (Our Father and Mother who art in heaven) some time ago,…

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Noticings – January 25, 2023

NOTICINGS… January 25, 2023 It’s that time of year again. Annual report time. Each year all the Chairs of our various Committees and groups write up reports on what happened in their group over the last year. It’s part accountability and part celebration. Then we put all the reports together, along with our financial status…

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Noticings – January 18, 2023

NOTICINGS… January 18, 2023 In the midst of a very busy week I am buoyed by the blessings that a community of faith provides. It’s not the grand gestures that make such a difference. It’s the little things, done in love. It’s serendipitous that this poem arrived in my inbox this week from an email…

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Noticings – January 11, 2023

NOTICINGS… January 11, 2023 The realization dawned on me last Thursday just before noon. Something felt different. Not different bad; different good. It was as if something unfamiliar had become familiar again. Faith United was preparing for the funeral of a long-time member. On the main floor, the Sanctuary was being straightened up, the Atrium…

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Noticings – January 4, 2023

NOTICINGS… January 4, 2023 This year I decided to make a whole bunch of little resolutions at New Years. Nothing major, or dramatically life-altering, just little course corrections and reframings that I think will help me navigate my life more fully. Well, here we are 4 days into the new year, and yup, you guessed…

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Noticings – December 28, 2022

NOTICINGS… December 28, 2022 Howard Thurman, an African-American theologian, educator, and civil rights leader, is one of my very favourite theologians and poets. This familiar poem has been adapted into a hymn called “I Am the Light of the World,” Voices United #87. I hope you are enjoying a gentle Christmas. When the song of…

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