Noticings – November 1, 2023

Christmas Bazaar
“It’s a labour of love.”

It’s back! Every year around this time our church is absolutely abuzz. The reason is the Christmas Bazaar. Now that October and Hallowe’en are done the preparations for Christmas start to emerge – and that means it’s bazaar season. (But it’s not bizarre at all!)

The Faith United event will be on Saturday November 4th, but it is by no means a one-day event. Starting today – Wednesday – the 3 days of preparation to set up tables, create displays, arrange the lunch room, and transform the place into a winter wonderland begin in earnest. But the preparations didn’t just start today – they’ve been going on for months and months as crafters have crafted, bakers baked, preservers preserved, and yarn artists…yarned (etc, etc). The one-day bazaar, with three days of prep, takes a year to get ready for.

That’s a lot of commitment, by a lot of people. It’s primarily our United Church Women in the lead, but it becomes in many respects a whole-church effort. Why do so many people work so hard for this? Is it because they all love Christmas that much? Partly, perhaps. Mostly it’s because they love our community of faith, and the people who gather together as Faith United, and the ministry we share, and the people and agencies events like a Christmas Bazaar help support.

And, they love to see happy people come to Faith United and just get a tiny taste of the positive, uplifting, faithful, hopeful, loving energy that exudes from the place and its people. The bazaar is a huge labour, but it’s a labour of love. And love is what we do at Faith!

So, I hope you’ll be able to come to our Christmas Bazaar on Saturday November 4th from 9:00am to 2:00pm, and I hope when you do so you’ll feel the love. That is the exact opposite of bizarre! And, perhaps I can be the first one to say it this year, especially since we already had a bit of snow yesterday: Merry Christmas!