Noticings – January 26, 2022


January 26, 2022

Right after church on Sunday I had to rush home and log-in to an online meeting. It was a lovely meeting – the second of two days of spiritual reflecting and intentionality. I’m on the leadership team for this gathering so I don’t get to immerse as much as I’d like during the sessions, but they are still prayerful and rejuvenating. I called it my spiritual booster shot! There’s only one problem: I missed my nap – and I’ve been feeling it ever since. Every Sunday after lunch I lay myself down for a nap. I love worship leading, but it does take a lot of energy, so a nap on Sunday afternoons has been a core practice of mine since I began doing ministry.

Here’s my question: can I call that a spiritual practice? Can a nap be spiritual? Yes, I believe it can. And I’m not alone. I recently discovered a ministry called “Nap Ministry”. Honest. It’s a real thing. They’ve got a website and everything, with resources and encouragement, and even coaching. They also offer collective nap experiences where people get together in a curated space with music, poetry meditations, and of course pillows and blankets. They pray together, pause together, and then nap. Together. I know, on one hand it sounds kinda weird. But on the other hand doesn’t it sound awesome?

How wonderful is a really good nap?! We don’t do it often enough. A nap is basically a form of sabbath keeping. It’s an intentional pause from the swirling world and a time set apart to rest. The nap ministry folks have a credo. It goes, “Rest is resistance!” In today’s world pausing, and resting, and unplugging, and even napping are very counter-cultural. Saying no to busyness is an act of resistance. Giving yourself over to a nap is a daring action, because you have to let go of all the other stuff clamouring for your attention. Even Jesus took naps! Remember that time in the boat when the storm blew in?

I missed my nap on Sunday, and I haven’t made time to take one since. But I think I’m going to this afternoon. You’re welcome to join me in this beautiful spiritual practice. Now I lay me down to nap. Rest is resistance.

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