Noticings – December 15, 2021


December 15, 2021

So, last week I told you about two computer ‘dates’ I went on – to play music with people. The story continues, and it takes a dark turn. On my second date, with a nice group of guys (including one of our former congregants – small world!), something bad happened. All the guys (including me) were double vaccinated, but one of them unknowingly was Covid-positive. His regular test for work reported his status, unfortunately it was two days after we rehearsed. He managed to infect all four of the other guys in one evening.

Let me tell you, having Covid sucks. We’ve decided my new nickname is Typhoid Larry! It’s so frustrating considering I have been exceedingly careful throughout the pandemic. I’m overly cautious and make sure of vax status before I go anywhere. That tells you how powerfully insidious this virus is. Even when you take all the right steps you can still get walloped. The saving grace in this story is that my illness has been mild. That is due to my vaccinations and general good health. I’m grateful for that.

However, it is really hard, and disheartening, to have to be masked and isolated in your own home, away from your family, dreading the possibility that you will infect your loved ones too. My family has been tested but results aren’t in yet. They aren’t showing any symptoms so that’s encouraging. Meanwhile, I’m holed up in my music room, fastidiously staying away from everyone, and generally feeling sorry for myself. And, frankly, I don’t like being benched. It’s one thing to be away from church on holidays – it’s quite another to be told you can’t attend. And then to not be able to problem solve and troubleshoot when tech things go awry during worship – well, that was agonizing.

My generally mild symptoms are starting to wane, and I’m officially able to end my isolation on Saturday – but an advisory group (M&P, Council chair, Reopening team) decided that it would be safest and show the most care and caution if I stay on the bench for this weekend too. Like last weekend I’ll record my sermon and be present online in the chat on Sunday. This way we’ll be certain that when I return for Christmas Eve in-person I will pose no risk at all for anyone.

I have appreciated the numerous messages of care and concern, and the offers of prayers. It is indeed wonderful to feel your support. Thank you! I confess that this Covid business has somewhat muted my Christmas spirit, but your notes and prayers have helped lighten the darkness.

And knowing that we have wonderful, faithful folks who will leap in and offer leadership in so many ways whenever necessary makes being benched a little less painful. And knowing that great ministry continues while I’m benched helps too – like money for wells being raised, and mittens on the tree, and outreach support being arranged, and on and on it goes. I’m so grateful for Faith United folks in all of these ways. Thanks for journeying alongside me. I’ll be off the bench very soon!

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