Noticings – August 11, 2021


August 11, 2021

This summer we’re hearing the voices of women mystics. I invite you to read each quotation slowly and prayerfully. Do not hurry. Linger. Savour. Pray. 
This week we ponder the words of Catherine of Siena…
It is only through shadows that one comes to know the light.
Make two homes for thyself, my daughter. 
One actual home . . . and the other a spiritual home which thou are to carry with thee always.
God is closer to us than water is to a fish.
To join two things together there must be nothing between them or there cannot be a perfect fusion. 
Now realize that this is how God wants our soul to be, 
without any selfish love of ourselves or of others in between, 
just as God loves us without anything in between.
All the way to heaven is heaven, because Jesus said, “I am the way.”
Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.
St. Catherine of Siena is one of the most important female mystics in the Catholic and Christian traditions. Born in Italy, Catherine believed she was spiritually wed to Jesus Christ. This made her quite influential in 14th century Italy, an influence she used to play a peacekeeping role during a revolution in her hometown of Siena, and to gain favour with the pope. Catherine’s devotion to God and her unique mystic abilities were enough to get her canonized in 1461. 
Rev. Larry