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    August 7, 2019

    I’ve had one of those weeks where the combination of news, deaths, illnesses, and conflicts has come together and made me feel dull and grey like the weather. I had a great holiday, came back well rested, and then, well, life happens. None of it has directly happened to me, so to speak. But as we all know we are interconnected in far deeper ways than we understand and what happens to one impacts many – even if you are seemingly far removed from it. The effect is that I woke up today feeling out of sorts. So when I read this quote in a daily email that I subscribe to I took it to heart:

    “Take time to gaze in wonder at Nature, the flight of a bird, a flower in bloom, the dry leaf crumbling to dust, the flow of a river, the rising of the moon, a silhouette of a mountain against the sky. And as you do this the hard, protective shell around your heart will soften and melt and your heart will come alive in sensitivity and responsiveness. The darkness in your eyes will be dispelled and your vision will become clear and penetrating, and you will know at last what love is.”
    –Anthony de Mello, The Way to Love

    So when I arrived at church today I immediately went outside and sat on a step and spent some time contemplating the upper garden. Sure enough, in no time the voices of the kids in the lobby faded, I stopped being aware of the cars going by, and I was drawn in to the wonder of the garden. A single, small daisy courageously asserting its beauty amidst some weeds. Every blade of grass bearing a tiny dew drop. The leaves on the trees gently waving. Yellow flowers offering colour and delight. A spider web glistening in the morning dew. Everything felt alive.

    And then I noticed her. The statue of the angel that watches over the garden, hands folded across her chest, bowed in prayer. And on the tip of her nose was a raindrop. Or was it perhaps a tear? Was she feeling it too? I stared at that droplet of water for a long time, and felt my heart change.
    Funny how a bead of water on an inanimate object can make you feel more human again.

    Thank you God, for the gift of the garden, and the presence of your angel, reminding me that even in the midst of trouble and heartache all over the world and right here, that I am not alone, and my heart is meant to be open.

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