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    January 20, 2021

    I got a unique present for Christmas this year. It’s a standing desk. You set it on top of your regular desk surface and when you undo the latch it hydraulically rises. Then you can stand up and do your work. It’s pretty cool, but you need to take some precautions. You need to make sure all your previously attached cables have room to stretch, and that your desk surface doesn’t have too much clutter on it, or things will go flying.  But then, once you’ve made those basic adjustments, it’s just the flip of a latch and you can get an entirely new perspective. No, I’m not magically transported to a sunny beach in the Caribbean. We would have had to buy the deluxe model for that. But you’d be surprised at how much difference a simple thing like standing while you type makes for how things feel in the moment. My view out the window is different. My centre of gravity is different. My alertness is different. The amount of energy I’m exerting to stand instead of sit is different. I don’t know if this Noticings is going to be all that different, but it feels different writing it. I’m enjoying the shift in perspective.

    If only it were that easy to change our perspective in other aspects of our lives. I don’t know about you but I haven’t yet located the latch that unleashes new insights and perspectives in my thinking. Or my doing. We’re about three weeks into the new year. Some among us surely made resolutions. Did the change of the calendar sufficiently change your perspective on how you used to do things and give you the motivation to make the shift you desire? I didn’t make any resolutions per se this year, but I did set myself some goals. As I’ve been reflecting on those goals I’m realizing that unlike my standing desk in order to get a new perspective on things I have to do more than just flick a latch. It’s more of a process of realizing things. It’s a little bit, day by day. It’s a journey.

    We’re in the midst of a sermon series looking at various Psalms and exploring them for ways to help us be more present to the present moment – and to realize that every single moment is sacred in its own unique way, and bearing its own unique gifts. Perhaps considering that every moment, every place, and every person is sacred is a brand new perspective for you. If so, I hope you’ll enjoy the journey of letting that revelation sink in deeply. I can’t promise a quick-release, hydraulic latch thingy. It takes more spiritual and prayerful work than that. And I hope our previous cables and clutter don’t get too stretched or tangled as we rise to this new perspective. I’m pretty sure we’re all mostly there already at Faith United. It’s easier to perceive everything as sacred when you’re surrounded by such faithfulness and loving-kindness. I hope you’ll enjoy the series, and this new perspective. Meanwhile, you can dream about that beach.

    Rev. Larry
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