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    January 13, 2021

    Understandably, we’re all a jumble of emotions and reactions right now. There’s unrest in the world, there’s unease about disease, and there’s unhappiness at the prospect of navigating another major lockdown. No one is untouched by this unprecedented, uninvited time. Its unending unknowns are unusual and unwelcome. We’re unimpressed with those who unwisely make us all unsafe by undermining our unity with unhealthy and unloving choices. That’s a lot of “un’s” to deal with at once! It’s enough to make one feel un-gruntled!

    It would be unhelpful for me to suggest that we should not feel the unfiltered and uncomfortable feelings that are swirling within us. Don’t let my wordplay undermine the serious challenges that many folks are undergoing today. Lockdowns will amplify hard things and can make them feel unmanageable. Please know that whatever you’re going through these days you are not alone! You are un-alone! We have a church full of people who would love to help and support you in whatever ways we can.

    Yes, there are a lot of unpleasant “un’s” these days. But there are some “un’s” that are not unimportant that I hope don’t go unnoticed within our community of faith (and beyond).
    Like our unbridled willingness to love others.
    Our unlimited desire to show compassion.
    Our unselfish and untiring drive to help our neighbour.
    Our unbreakable and unswerving belief that prayer for one another and the world matters.
    Our unglamorous yet unwavering care for one another.
    Unashamed of our faith (or at least our version of faith that seems to stand in such contrast to some other versions that yell more loudly), we stand United.
    While this Noticings has been unusual and unsubtle, I hope it at least brought an un-frown in the midst of this uncertain week.

    May our faith and hope continue unabashed, unabated, and uninhibited as we unequivocally and unhesitatingly unveil and unleash love, love, love. Unendingly!

    Rev. Larry


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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