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    January 6, 2021

    I don’t know about you, but even though it was just another day there was something very satisfying about turning the page on my calendar from 2020 to 2021. I hope we won’t completely write off the year that was. Yes, there were many hardships and challenges, but there was also much good. We were able to find significant causes for celebration from last year for each member of my family. It wasn’t all awful; parts were actually awesome. But I was still pretty pleased to turn the calendar page.

    One fun thing for my family personally is that we finally get to say a few really great things are going to happen *this year*. Instead of being far off (next year) they’re happening this year – in just a matter of months. That’s exciting! My wife will retire from her teaching career at some point this year. With our kids grown and working we will be trading suburbia for trees as we look to move to a house in the country with some breathing space that’s within a reasonable commute for me to get to Faith United. (It’ll be quite a bit longer than my current commute down the stairs!) That’ll happen this year!

    And with the rollout of the Covid vaccination programs it looks like we’ll be able to say that we will get to return to in-person worship together at some point *this year*! Hallelujah! Here’s the ‘but’ (there’s always a but) – but we can’t say when that will happen. My best guess is September or October, but that’s just a guess. Please don’t hold me to that. And yet, even being able to make that guess with a tiny bit of reasonable likelihood feels fantastic! That’s this fall. This year! It’s only a few months away. I’ve got to tell you that I’ve imagined that first Sunday back many times, and every time the scene is filled with hugs and tears of joy. And it’s coming – this year.

    But we’re not there yet. We have months of ministry together in our new ways before we can get back to our old ways. And then there’s the reality that we will most certainly want to keep doing some of our new ways and let go of some of our old ones. That’s exciting too! For now, we’ll continue to worship together online, with videos from the choir, and videos from scripture readers. We’ll continue to have The Porch via Zoom on Monday mornings. We’ll continue to meet for an online coffee chat Thursday mornings. We’ll continue to offer kids and youth programming and resources. We will even do some new stuff – watch for a new Wednesday night music offering on YouTube called “Songs Along the Way” coming next week! As the weather turns warmer in Spring the landscaping and gardening gang will likely get back together, and we’ll be able to have more comfortable driveway visits together again. We’ll also continue to make phone calls to one another, and offer help to one another, and pray for one another.

    These are many of the ways that Faith United has continued to love one another and to thrive even though we’ve had a very challenging set of circumstances to navigate. I’ll be really pleased to get back to in-person things later this year – but I’m also profoundly grateful for the faithful ministry we shared last year. I hope you noticed it too. We are so blessed. Faith United is a really special church. Every year.

    Rev. Larry
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