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    March 18, 2020
    Yesterday as I locked the door of the church and walked away I had an ominous sense that I was closing up the church and that would be the end of it for all time not just Faith United, but Church. Of course it was a ludicrous thought, but thats the kind of stuff thats swirling in our minds these days. We cant help it. Were overwhelmed, and confused, and it sometimes feels like the end of the world as we know it (and no, I dont feel fine). 
    And then I thought of one of my favourite theological phrases, and I started to feel fine. The reality is that the world is turned upside down right now, and its completely out of our control, and with all in-person church activities suspended it is the end of things as we know it…..for a season. 
    For a season. 
    Its not forever; its for a season. Winter is currently giving way to spring. Seasons change. Seasons come and go. Some are predictable, but mostly seasons have no specific dates for coming and going, despite what the calendar may say.
    We are in a remarkably strange and curious season. But it is just a season. Its not forever. Its difficult now like coping with -20 temperatures in winter, or +40 humidity in Summer but those seasons pass too. 
    Take a look out of your window right now. It doesnt look like it did a month ago when we were bombarded with snow. Seasons happen, and they last a while, but they always change. 
    This is our season now. A season of social-distancing, and self-isolation, and anxiety…and it will all pass not quickly enough, and not without real hardships and challenges but it will pass. Its just a season.
    And just like we dress warm in winter, and wear shorts in summer, we must adapt to the realities of this season, and find ways to stay connected, to stay faithful, to stay loving. (Thats the exception the season of love, love, love never ends.)
    So, while many things are out of our control in this season here is a list of things that are entirely within your control. 
    I encourage you to ask yourself these questions every day in this season!
    1. What am I GRATEFUL for today?
    1. Who am I CHECKING IN on or CONNECTING WITH today?
    1. What expectations of normalam I LETTING GO of today?
    1. How am I GETTING OUTSIDE today?
    1. How am I MOVING MY BODY today?
    1. What BEAUTY am I either creating, cultivating, or inviting in today?
    1. Who am I PRAYING for today?
    And, of course, knowing that surely God is in this place and every place…
    1. How am I NOTICING Gods Presence today?
    You are in control of how you look at this season, and how you love in the midst of it all. Hopefully those 8 questions will help.
    May this strange and sobering season be a season of support, care, and loving-kindness for us all.
    Help me notice!


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