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    December 30, 2020

    A poem to reflect on as we approach a new year.
    As we turn the page on a profoundly challenging 2020 we look toward 2021 and hope that it will be different, better, renewed.
    Howard Thurman’s message is that right about now we could use a new song to sing!

    I Will Sing A New Song

    The old song of my spirit has wearied itself out.
    It has long ago been learned by heart;
    It repeats itself over and over,
    Bringing no added joy to my days or lift to my spirit.
    I will sing a new song.
    I must learn the new song for the new needs.
    I must fashion new words born of all the new growth
    of my life—of my mind—of my spirit.
    I must prepare for new melodies that have
    never been mine before,
    That all that is within me may lift my voice unto God.
    Therefore, I shall rejoice with each new day
    And delight my spirit in each fresh unfolding.
    I will sing, this day, a new song unto the Lord.

    -Howard Thurman, The Mood of Christmas & Other Celebrations

    Rev. Larry
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