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    December 9, 2020

    Christmas is going to feel very strange this year for a number of reasons. At church, the biggest change is that because of the pandemic we will not be able to have our usual two Christmas Eve worship gatherings. Instead, I’d like to share with you the plans we have in the works.

    While there won’t be an early ‘Family’ service on Christmas Eve I will be putting together a YouTube ‘playlist’ of videos for families to watch. I’ll include a welcome and introduction, then invite folks to watch the various videos in order, and then finish it with a closing video from me. I’ll miss the energy of the Family service – especially our ‘pick up pageant’ and the live baby in the manger part. But hopefully families will find the video playlist to be an enjoyable to still mark the sacredness of Christmas.

    We will also have an online ‘Lessons and Carols’ service. It will follow our usual format with scripture readings, and Christmas carols, and special music from our choir, and communion. It just won’t be in-person. In fact, it won’t even be live; it’ll be pre-recorded so you can watch it whenever you wish. That service always closes with us forming a circle around the perimeter of the sanctuary, sharing candlelight, and singing “Silent Night.” That’s the part I think I’ll miss the most. But I have a plan!

    We are going to offer a VERY short, 10-minute Christmas Eve ‘in-person’ gathering OUTSIDE at Faith United, 7:00 pm, on Christmas Eve! Of course, times being what they are there are a bunch of things we need to do to make it safe!

    1. Masks – Even though we’re outside, masks must be worn.
    2. 100 – Because it’s a worship gathering we are allowed to have 100 people outside.
    3. Reservations – All participants must email (office@faithunited.ca) or phone (905-433-8953) our church office to reserve your spot(s) – contact tracing information will be taken.
    4. Parking – Park your cars around the outside or back portions of the parking lot (i.e. not near the front doors).
    5. Circle – We’ll form a large, properly physically distanced circle (2 metres between families).
    6. Candles – Bring your own candle(s) and lighter! (we will not be sharing the flame)
    7. Worship – We’ll have a welcome prayer, hear Luke 2:1-20, and then light our candles while we sing “Silent Night” together.

    That’s it. Just 10 minutes. But we’ll be together, albeit briefly.
    *No access to the church will be available.* And obviously, it will be weather permitting. We won’t gather in a blizzard.
    Also, if Durham Region moves into ‘lockdown’ (gray) status the event will be cancelled.

    I’m really hoping this will work. Not everyone will want to come, or be able to come. That’s understandable. We don’t want to exclude, but we do want to offer this opportunity to be together on this holy night. Blessings as you continue your Advent journey of preparing the way to welcome once again the light of the world!

    Rev. Larry
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