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    December 2, 2020

    Walking into church on Sunday morning I was feeling a little blue, and not just because of my shirt! I was sad because of what I’d be missing out on that day. Sunday would have been our annual ‘Advent Event’ where after church we have a pot luck lunch and then our Faith United halls are decked and transformed with Christmas cheer. But alas, no cheer this year. No meatballs, no potato salad, no baked beans, no pasta casseroles, no mountains of chocolate chip cookies. Oh, and the decorating thing too. It was lovely to have our ‘TV studio’ decorated though! Thanks to Donna and Diana (and a few invisible helpers) what you see on screen looks beautiful and Christmassy. I love it! But it is a bit disheartening when your gaze travels beyond the confines of what’s in the video shot.

    So, I’m feeling a bit out of rhythm because Advent Event always jump starts my Advent and Christmas preparations. Instead, I decided to focus on other ways to enter into the season. First, I made sure I made a big deal about our annual Advent ‘Lifewater’ Well-Drilling fundraiser. I can’t tell you how wonderful it felt to hold up to the camera picture after picture of all the wells Faith United has had drilled over this last decade. It’s an incredible testimony to folks’ generosity and love. I hope you will continue to make our Water Project a focus of your Advent and Christmas seasons. Maybe like me it’ll help you forget about the meatballs for a while.

    Then when I got home I climbed the ladder and retrieved our outdoor decorations. We always decorate simply, the prime feature being illuminated 1 metre tall Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus figures that stand as a shining testimony of the deeper meaning of Christmas for our neighbourhood. There are far more Santas and snowfolk populating yards, but no matter how many flood lights they plug in none shine brighter than the holy family on our porch. Thoughts of pasta casseroles were fading.

    And finally, I relented and downloaded the new Christmas album from one of my favourite artists, Jamie Cullum. It’s fantastic! And I found myself tapping my toes, and closing my eyes, and nodding my head, and feeling the hope, peace, joy, and love of the season start to sink in. It was so great I almost forgot about those chocolate chip cookies! But then I remembered – my daughter baked some last weekend! And so I listened to Jamie, while Joseph, Mary, and Jesus glowed outside, and I thought of all the good our church does, and I took a delicious bite, and felt decidedly less blue.

    Rev. Larry
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