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    October 28, 2020

    I’m feeling pretty pathetic today. The head cold I thought I was getting over has decided to have another go at me, with a vengeance! (No, it’s not Covid, it’s just a head cold.) And at the same time I’m having a mild arthritis flare up. Yes, I’m getting older. So I’m not having a particularly good day today, and now I’m supposed to write a positive and uplifting Noticings when it seems the best I can manage in this present moment is blah. So, apart from my own pathetic little pity party, what am I noticing?

    I’m noticing how much quiet, heartfelt moments matter. Yesterday at a graveside funeral service I saw many tender expressions of shared grief, and received genuine expressions of gratitude for my part in the day. Later, I received an email thanking me for a recent sermon that touched the heart of a congregant in a significant way. This morning, despite feeling under the weather herself, my spouse did all she could to help me feel better and get me what I needed to try to function today. In other words, I’m experiencing being surrounded by and immersed in expressions of love, as these sacred moments reveal that love to me.

    None of that stops my head from being heavy, my nose from running, my cough from hacking, or my joints from hurting. These physical annoyances are part of life. I’ll be fine in a few days. I’m simply grateful that in the midst of feeling crappy I’m also feeling pretty loved, and valued, and fulfilled. I’m grateful that while standing in the cold rain of an autumn afternoon I am privileged to bear witness to sacred love and support. I’m grateful that I receive such thoughtful and affirming notes from time to time telling me that I’m appreciated, without having to tell people that apparently October was ‘clergy appreciation month’. And I’m grateful that I’m surrounded by a loving family who bring to practical, physical expression God’s love and compassion.

    And I’m truly grateful that even through my clogged up brain I’m able to notice all this loving presence that permeates every minute of every day. On second thought, maybe I’m not feeling so pathetic today.

    Rev. Larry
Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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