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    October 7, 2020

    This morning I saw two groups of people walking along the sidewalk. The first was a mom and two little toddlers. About 20 metres behind them was an elderly couple. The mom was holding the hands of the toddlers. The elderly woman was pushing her partner in a wheelchair. It struck me that I was seeing something really profound.

    The mom and toddlers were moving slowly, mostly because they were constantly bending down and darting about to chase leaves or other treasures on the ground. Their purpose was not to get from point A to point B in the most timely and efficient manner. Their purpose was to enjoy the moment, to explore and marvel in creation, and to learn. The mom was not giving lectures about nature, but she was most assuredly helping her kids learn about the beauty and wonder of the world around them. All the while holding their hands, guiding them, laughing with them.

    The elderly couple were moving slowly too. Their purpose was also not to get to a certain destination. They were simply enjoying being outside for a walk. She was clearly doing the work of pushing his chair, but it was also clearly not work. It was love. They too were revelling in creation, enjoying the autumn morning, relishing being out of the confines of their home. You could see it on their faces. They weren’t stopping to pick up blowing leaves, but you could tell that they were happy to be out in the fresh air, quietly making their way, in no particular hurry, together.

    Two groups of people, each making their way along the way, each delighting in the present moment. Two groups of people, at opposite ends of life’s continuum, each expressing support, and connection, and care. Two groups of people, each demonstrating the depth of love without ever saying the word or having to point out that love was what it was all about. It was obvious.

    I only caught a glimpse of this scene as I drove by – but it struck me that I was witnessing something profoundly sacred, and yet remarkably ordinary. In that moment I was both moved and also convicted. Here I was, driving from point A to point B, with an agenda, and a purpose, and a list of to-do’s. There they were, practicing what I preach – living in the present moment, knowing that their unspoken expressions of love were all that mattered because they were fully present to one another. The pure and simple enjoyment of creation and a breath of fresh air. So ordinary, and so sacred. I don’t often listen to sermons; I heard one this morning in that moment. I’m so grateful that I noticed.

    Rev. Larry

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