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    June 24, 2020
    One of the metaphors I like is the image of us letting down our guard and taking down the barriers we’ve put up between us and God’s ever-present love. It’s kind of like raising the window shade so the light can stream in – light that was there all the time, but we drew the shade to try to block it out (maybe not even consciously). As God’s light shines through we can see anew the places within us that need ‘cleaning’ – deep cleaning. If you clean your house at night chances are when you wake up and the light of morning shines in it will show you some spots you missed. So with God’s holy light blazing we’re motivated to dive into that deep cleaning – to confront those things which may have been hidden and are now being revealed, to address the wrongs, to see what we couldn’t or wouldn’t see before – but now we do. And once seen we cannot un-see them; once awoken we dare not go back to sleep.

    As we clean we may realize something unsettling. Some of this stuff is buried deep down inside. Some of this stuff resists a gentle wipe, or even an intense effort to get to our own roots of issues and address them. So we need something extra, something more. Something More!

    It’s kind of like cleaning your computer keyboard. (Stay with me.) You can wipe it with a damp cloth or disinfectant wipe and remove all kinds of dirt and dust and grime – and that is very good. It’s needed. By all means, clean away. But also know that deep down inside and in-between our ‘keys’ there lies ‘stuff’ that we can’t easily get at. Embedded stuff. Uncomfortable stuff. Maybe shameful stuff. Stuff like prejudice, and selfishness, and racism.

    With computer keyboards the answer is some compressed air! We aim that air in-between the keys, and press the button, and it reaches in, blows through, and cleans up where we can’t. So what can we aim at our in-betweens and allow it to blow through and do its work to get to the depths we can’t go alone? Compressed air. Of course, we call it the Holy Spirit. It’s not quite as easy as pressing a button, and it’s not exactly sitting on the shelf to pick up and utilize as we see fit. But the idea that the Spirit can reach where we can’t, if we’ll let it, is for me very encouraging – because I know that on my own I’ll fall short. I could use a little compressed air to help me. And I know that it can’t really help me until I let down my guard and agree to work with it. That may be the hardest work of all.

    Rev. Larry

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