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    June 10, 2020

    Today, June 10th, is the 95th anniversary of the United Church of Canada. Oddly, I just don’t feel like celebrating. Well, maybe it isn’t so odd. It’s because things are so odd. If you know what I mean? Ordinarily we’d be gearing up for our annual “Celebration Sunday” where we mark the denomination’s birthday, and we express our gratitude for the teachers who have faithfully led our kids in Joyful Noise and JAM, and congratulate the kids for another year of learning and growing in faith. We also would have been celebrating our 2nd anniversary of becoming an Affirming congregation! This Sunday we would have had cake, and a pot luck lunch, and had games and fun out on the lawn afterwards. But we can’t do any of that because we can’t safely be together yet. And that’s very, very odd. And it makes me not feel very celebratory.

    95 years ago the United Church was inaugurated with a grand vision of becoming “a church with the soul of a nation.” I’ll leave it for you to discern whether that was a great vision or not, and whether it still applies. (Hint, I don’t think it does anymore.) There’s certainly no denying that in those 95 years our denomination has been a tremendous force for good in our communities and our country. We have been at the forefront of championing all kinds of justice issues that have made a significant difference in peoples’ lives, and that is very good. And yet, when our news is dominated, rightly, by stories and videos of the sufferings of Indigenous persons and persons of colour at the hands of police and by systemic discrimination, and the pictures of people protesting these injustices despite the risk of Covid-19, well, it just becomes overwhelming and disheartening. The ugly underbelly of racism and privilege have been laid bare, and people are standing up and speaking out, and that’s a good thing – but it just shows us how much more work there is to do. And it’s our work. Not someone else’s.

    I’m realising this isn’t an inspiring, feel-good kind of ‘Noticings’ like they usually are. I guess all this oddness and injustice is making me grumpy. It feels like the task before us is immense, because it is. The thing is, it’s not mine or yours alone. It’s ours. Together. You might even say ‘united’. United today in our care and compassion for one another. United even though we are physically distanced. United in our conviction that God’s love includes everyone; that everyone is sacred and must be treated as sacred. United as a church and denomination that loves God, loves others, and loves one another. United to face immense challenges and united in working for justice. United. And that is a little glimmer of something to celebrate. Yes, it’s very odd these days, and we’re probably united in grumpiness. That’s ok. Let’s remember that we’re also united in Spirit, and that we journey together. And as we go, maybe we can remember to try to notice that even when life is odd, it’s simultaneously awed. (Hey look, I made it feel-good in the end.)

    Hymn Sing Sunday ~ June 28th 

    We’ll still do Hymn Sing Sunday on June 28th as is our tradition! Suggestions/requests can be made in our private FaceBook group or via email.

    Hymns will be randomly selected and put into the bulletin. Rev. Larry will not look at the selections until Zeljka starts to play them. Send your requests by June 24th! ~ Stacey


    Drive-By Food Bank

    Tuesday, June 16th, a black truck will be parked near the side of the road in front of Faith. There will be a Foodbank sign on the side, while we are doing maintenance, the back will be open for donations for the hungry at the Foodbank.

    This will be an opportunity to make a Foodbank donation safely. You can do a drive-by, wave to us at a distance, maybe walk on the trail if you are appropriately attired, and feed hungry people. ~ Church Work In Durham

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