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    April 8, 2020
    I watched their faces fall. We were on an online gathering of clergy persons offering connection, and collegiality, and support to one another. Somebody spoke a deep truth, and the gravity of that truth struck deeply into the spirit in the meeting. It wasn’t anything we hadn’t already heard in one form or another in the news, or in online chatter, but it was just speculation before. Now, in that too real moment, it became much less speculative. And yet…

    And yet, after the collective deep breath, and after the pregnant pause, and after the room stopped spinning, these clergy persons collectively and unitedly spoke passionately, compassionately, and lovingly about how they were willing and ready to face the task – even as they (we) felt utterly and completely out of our depth and stretched to the ends of our ropes.

    The truth bomb spoken was that realistically we can likely expect to be in this altered season until the end of May, and maybe/probably(?) a little longer.
    It’s not officially official, of course, but if you’ve been reading carefully and digging beneath the hype it’s crystal clear that several more weeks of physical distancing is the prescription.
    That means several more weeks of no in-person church gatherings.
    That means several more weeks of striving to cope, and thrive in this new reality.
    That means several more weeks of being church and finding ways to love God, love people, and love one another that are not our usual, familiar, trusted ways.

    Through Lent we’ve spoken and reflected deeply on being in the wilderness.
    Well, it looks like our wilderness will persist for a while longer.

    And this is a really huge point. This is what Easter Sunday will be all about.
    Even though the world seems stuck in Good Friday, Easter is on the horizon.
    Don’t forget that.
    At the risk of giving my Sunday sermon entirely away, don’t forget that on Easter Sunday not much outwardly changed.
    The Oppressors (pandemic?) were still oppressing.
    The suffering still suffered.

    So what was different?
    The hearts and spirits of Jesus’ followers. #reborn #renewed #resurrected

    Yes, unfortunately, we’re going to be in this season longer than we want – and it will feel like Good Friday every day in some ways.
    But we are an Easter people.
    Never forget that.
    New life abounds, within, regardless of what our outward circumstances may hold.

    So let’s journey deeply into Jesus’ story this week.
    Because it’s our story.
    Suffering and hardship abound – but they are not the final word.
    Love is.
    Resurrection is.
    Let’s journey there together this week.

    Holy Week Gatherings

    Maundy Thursday – Thursday, April 9th at 6:00 PM on Zoom. Email invites were sent yesterday. If you wish to join and did not receive an email, please send a note to office@faithunited.ca.

    Good Friday – Friday, April 10th at 10:30 AM. We will livestream a worship service from our sanctuary. We’ll point the camera at the stained glass window, and contemplate the cross. It won’t be the same, but it will still be holy.

    Easter Sunrise – Sunday, April 12th prerecorded on YouTube. If the weather cooperates  I will go outside at sunrise and record a short prayer and song and reflection, and then post it to our YouTube channel.

    Easter Sunday – Sunday, April 12th at 10:30 AM. Lets have communion together as we celebrate the risen Christ! As we gather for livestream worship on YouTube. I will invite you to prepare some bread and juice – OR whatever food and drink you wish (no need to go out and buy anything special!) – so we can celebrate the sacrament of communion together.

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