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    How can I resist saying something about today being April Fools’ Day? It feels like any prank we may think of has already been one-upped a million times by Covid19. And, just like many April Fools’ pranks, it isn’t funny at all. Of course, one could make a derogatory joke about all the real April fools who could but won’t stay home and physically distance themselves from others – but I’ll rise above such temptation.Did you know that April Fools’ Day is rooted in scripture? In Genesis 8, Noah (yes, of ark fame) sent the dove out in search of dry land after the rains had abated, and the bird returned not finding any land. That day was April 1st, and Noah was the first fool because he foolishly expected the water to have receded so quickly. This day was inaugurated originally as a religious holiday to remind us to trust God and not to be foolish like Noah.
    (Did I get you? April Fools’!)

    Hopefully that gave you at least a grin, or an eye roll. These days even a moment’s distraction and a laugh go a long way to brightening our mood. We’ve got a lot to be moody about. But we also have a lot to celebrate. The biggest thing I’ve noticed through these weeks of response to the pandemic is how willing people are to help one another. Sure, there are bad stories of selfish or cruel people (fools), but truly they are in the minority. The vast majority of stories I hear are about neighbour helping neighbour, congregant reaching out to congregant, pastor sharing with pastor. It has been a beautiful thing to notice. No fooling.

    Holy Week Plans

    Obviously, we will not be able to journey through Holy Week in our usual ways this year. Here’s how you can participate in our most sacred time of the year with your community of Faith.

    Palm Sunday – You can have a do-it-yourself palm parade at home, if you wish! You could use foliage from your houseplants (ask the resident gardener first!), or draw some palm branches on paper and cut them out and wave them around. Or you could take a few coats from your closet and lay them on the floor and walk on them! Will it feel odd, or even silly? Yes! It probably will. It won’t be the same as being at church, but you’ll never forget the day you marched around your living room while church was on TV! (And if you’re really lucky your neighbours might be watching through the window.)

    Maundy Thursday – I invite you to dine with me! Well, not physically, of course. Our usual thing is to have a pot luck dinner together on Maundy Thursday and worship in the midst of it. So let’s do that! I invite you to connect with me via “Zoom” (an online meeting app – instructions soon) at 6:00 pm on Thursday April 9th. I’ll have my camera on in my dining room, and you can set your laptop (or webcam, or tablet, whatever) up in your kitchen (or wherever you eat), and we’ll eat together! Zoom is interactive and we’ll all have our pictures on the screen together! Unfortunately, we won’t be able to sample everyone’s culinary offerings – but we can surely eat together – just like Jesus and his disciples did. And just like we usually do I will interrupt our meal several times for worship. It won’t be the same, but it’ll be an adventure! (I’ll send a separate note explaining how Zoom works.)

    Good Friday – We will livestream a worship service from our sanctuary at our regular 10:30 am time on Friday April 10th. We’ll point the camera at the stained glass window, and contemplate the cross. It won’t be the same, but it will still be holy.

    Easter Sunrise – If the weather cooperates (currently calling for a big rain) I will go outside at sunrise and record a short prayer and song and reflection, and then post it to our YouTube channel. I won’t livestream, but I will record (inside if needed). If you like you can get up early and say your own prayers at sunrise! It won’t be the same, but it will be moving. (I will miss the hot cross buns though!)

    Easter Sunday – Lets have communion together as we celebrate the risen Christ! As we gather for livestream worship in our homes at 10:30 am Sunday I will invite you to prepare some bread and juice – OR whatever food and drink you wish (no need to go out and buy anything special!) – so we can celebrate the sacrament of communion together. Our theology interprets the bread and juice as symbols, and as such, in my view, just about anything can be used in their place (within reason). It’s all about your intention. If you prepare ‘bread and juice’ for communion at home, and you do it with the intention of it being sacred, and special, and blessed, and holy, then it is! It won’t be the same, but you’ll always remember having communion at home. (And isn’t ‘remembering’ what communion’s all about anyway?)

    So that’s it. Those are some Holy Week plans! I hope you’ll join me for those special days. It won’t be the same as being in church, but we’ll still be together, because we are the church, united as the body of Christ.


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