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    March 25, 2020
    Essential. It’s a word that’s been tossed around a lot in these last few days. What businesses, services, or sectors are essential? The government put out a list yesterday. A list of the essential services that could stay open while others, the non-essential, have to close up shop. The list is long. Very long. Probably too long, but that’s above my pay grade to determine.

    Not surprisingly, churches did not make the essential list. I understand why, especially since our demographics skew older, and therefore more vulnerable in a time of pandemic. I’m grateful for those people who are working in places that keep us fed, and functioning, and safe. And I’m very grateful that I can work safely from home, and that the people I love and serve aren’t at risk by our doing our usual things.

    And yet, I can’t help feeling a little miffed. “What do you mean I’m not essential? I think what I do is fundamentally essential to the deepening of people’s faith and the flourishing of society – because faithful folk do incredible good in the community and beyond.”
    Oh, I know I’m talking about a different kind of essential, but still.

    Perhaps in these extraordinary days, this self-isolated season, this time of physical-distancing and social-connecting, we can take some time to reflect on what is essential to us as people of faith.
    Loving God is essential for us.
    Loving neighbour is essential for us.
    Loving one another is essential for us.
    My challenge – your challenge – is to find ways to continue to love, love, love as we stay home and stay well. It’s essential!

    What is essential for you today?
    What is essential for your spirit today?
    How are you ensuring you focus on the essentials?
    Blessings as you take the time and open yourself to noticing.


    Here are some ways we’re staying connected these days:

    Sundays – live-streamed worship on YouTube / Joyful Noise Online
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    Every day – reach out and connect with someone – call, email, text, video chat, pray

    Worship with us Sundays on YouTube

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    Rev. Larry will lead worship on Sunday mornings at our usual 10:30 am time, with music support, and with minimal tech support to allow for streaming. All previous Sunday worship services are available on-demand, and you can watch any time!

    No congregation will be present – but we hope you’ll join us online. And you can even worship in your jammies if you wish! 

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