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    February 26, 2020

    I have the pleasure and the privilege to meet with a group of my colleagues every Monday morning for coffee and conversation. Like any group we have some rituals. One is that we sit in the same chairs every week (just like church!). Another is that we always light a Christ candle that reminds us that we aren’t just friends gathering to chat but we are also people of God gathered around the light of Christ. Well, this week wouldn’t you know it, I couldn’t find the light of Christ! (physically, not existentially, I hope).

    I looked everywhere I could think of. There was no reason that it should have gone very far, but alas it was not in any of the usual places I thought to look, nor in any of the places my friends suggested. (It had become a group effort by that point!)
    Headline: “Group of United Church ministers can’t find the light of Christ!” Yikes!

    Eventually I gave up and chose another candle. After all, the light of Christ is symbolic – it’s not limited to the one, single, ceremonial candle that we choose to use each week. But we do create a kind of emotional attachment to our worshipful accoutrements so I was feeling a little disappointed and, yes I’ll say it, a bit peeved that “someone” had taken our usual Christ candle away. Having settled on the substitute I went to the glass front cupboard to retrieve the lighter, and, as you have probably already guessed, our usual Christ candle was right there – on the top shelf.

    Despite it being a glass front cabinet we couldn’t see the candle because there was a large piece of paper taped onto the top panel, obscuring the whole top shelf. You’ll never guess what was written on that paper! Yup, it said, “Surely God is in this place! Help us notice!” The irony is enormous!

    So here’s my ‘noticing’. Sometimes even our most wonderful spiritual tools and helps can get in our own way. Sometimes the trappings of the way we do religion actually obscure the Spirit we are trying to discern. If I only focus on the catchphrase – the tool – I’ll miss what’s under or behind that tool. The light of Christ was right there all the time – it was my own fancy tool that was obscuring it. I’ll be pondering that one for a while!

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