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    January 29, 2020

    It’s the wrong question. It feels like the right question, but it isn’t. When faced with a challenge our instinctual response is to strategize what we should do to address that challenge. That’s a perfectly valid and wise approach when dealing with many of life’s challenges. But when it comes to church, and especially when it comes to that too familiar lament of “how do we get more people to come to our church?” we need a different approach.

    I was sitting with a sincere and caring group of church folk recently (not from Faith United) who were in a deep discussion about how a neighbouring church seemed to be bustling with activity and people while their church was experiencing diminishing resources, both human and financial. Now, the neighbouring church is both culturally/ethnically based and theologically conservative – both characteristics that carry high expectations for participation and support. Undoubtedly, we could learn much from them, but we don’t seem to want to be them.

    And there’s the rub. I’m not suggesting that we ought to be like them in their theology and you can’t artificially manufacture a given ethnic ethos, but if we look deeper into that I think we might see something really instructive. From the outside, we look at their activities and wonder what they are ‘doing’ to achieve that level of participation and support. I suspect that question would confuse them. It’s not what they ‘do’. It’s who they ‘are’. Their participation and support is inculcated through their family life, through their social life, through the generations. How many of us lament that our children or grandchildren don’t have church as a key part of their lives like it is for us?

    So, what should we do? Wrong question! How about, who should we be? Instead of doing we might trying being. Be open, be loving, be unguarded, be emotional, be surrendered, be convicted, be passionate, be all in, be bold, be intentional, be courageous, be vulnerable. Be God’s. Will being so magically populate your church and plump your coffers? Of course not! But it will deepen your faith and grow your Christlikeness – and isn’t that why you want more people to come? So they can know that joy too?
    So, what should we do? Be! Be God’s! Everything else will flow from there.

    Family Fun Night ~ Friday, January 31st @ 5 PM

    Kids? Fun? Play, paint, do crafts, laugh, and make friends? Sing songs about faith and jump up and down and wiggle and giggle? Eat kid friendly food? If that sounds like a good time to you then join us on Friday, January 31st from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Did we mention it’s all FREE?
    So. Much. Fun.

    In conjunction with Family Fun Night, we now offer Game Night. Follow the signs upstairs! We have Playstation, Wii, and several handhelds, plus some classic board games, air hockey and pool!

    Songs For Sunday Night

    Here’s a way to make your Sunday Night Worship experience even better! Here’s a link to the songs we’ll be singing this week. Now you can listen to the songs before you come and enter into worship more fully! And if you can’t make it Sunday you can just click and listen for your own worship time. Sunday Nights at 7:15pm. (Bring a friend!)
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