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    January 8, 2020

    What’s stealing your joy? It’s an interesting question. It has a built in assumption that joy is our default. I kinda love that! Consider what it means if joy is our intended natural state. It means that joyfulness is not a special thing that we get every now and then. It means that when we’re not feeling joyful there may be something amiss in our world. It means that instead of our lives being marked by survival they’re supposed to be marked by thrival! (It gives me joy to make up words!!!) Joy is how it’s meant to feel.

    Now, don’t confuse joy and happiness. They’re often related and they often impact one another but they’re not the same, at all. Happiness is a feeling that rises and falls depending on your circumstances (from trivial to substantial) and how you respond within them. Somebody does something nice for you – happy. Somebody does something less than nice to you – less happy. No one can expect to be happy all the time.

    But joy is on another level. It is entirely possible to be joyful and unhappy. I know that sounds like a contradiction in terms, but it isn’t. Real joy – deep joy – comes from loving and being loved, from trusting and being trusted, from knowing God’s Presence as a real and operative thing in your consciousness and having that sure sense of being known inside and out, through and through by the Holy Mystery we call God. That’s joy.

    So now back to my question. What’s stealing your joy? Maybe it’s the news. It’s certainly overwhelming. Australia, Iran, Philippines, United States, earthquakes, fires, floods, refugees, conflicts, politics, on and on the joy stealers rage. All the more reason to take a deep breath and remember that amid all that strife and noise that we are, in actuality, enfolded by love and shalom. We are immersed in joy. And nothing, not even the news, can steal that from us! How’s that for an epiphany!

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