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    December 11, 2019

    I arrived at church this morning refreshed and ready to go. I began to make coffee and realized we were out of filters in the upstairs kitchen. So I happily started off on my walk down to the main kitchen to get some. Along the way I noticed that the tables are all set out nicely for today’s senior’s lunch, and I thought of all the work that goes into putting on those events, and the cooking and serving and cleaning, and the people who set it all up and tear it all down and then have to reset the church for worship in the confusing round format which I love but that doesn’t have carpets to guide where the chairs go – and I had a smile and a prayer of gratitude for all the folks who offer themselves in ministry here in all these ways, and what a blessing it is, and I was feeling even better about life as I strolled.

    I made my way into the kitchen and into the back room where I retrieved a fresh bag of coffee, Nyron our custodian and I had a chat and a laugh, and then I headed back upstairs. When I got to the kitchen I looked at the coffee maker, and looked at what was in my hand, and I realized my mistake. I went for filters, but I came back with coffee! Oops! So back downstairs I went, found the filters, and finally got my coffee brewed.

    I was on auto-pilot. When I make that walk most times it’s about coffee, not filters, and once on the way, with only the tiniest bit of distraction, my focus was gone and I reverted to auto-pilot and stopped thinking about what I was doing. Happens to everybody, right?

    It made me wonder how much of Advent I’m ploughing through on auto-pilot? How much of Christmas do I just do on auto-pilot? Am I coming to worship each week with the mindful anticipation of waiting for the time we celebrate the revealing of the light and love of the world in a special way, or am I just schlepping to church following my regular rhythms and doing my job? Am I shopping for presents for loved ones with the warm sense of giving as an expression of how much I care for them or am I hunting down items and crossing them off my list and forgetting to reflect on the why?

    Like so many spiritual things it all comes down to mindfulness. It’s so easy to fall into auto-pilot. It’s so easy to get distracted by all the stuff of the season and forget to bring to mind the reasons why we’re doing it in the first place. I don’t want to find myself standing in the middle of a store with an item in my hand staring down at it wondering why it’s there – like a bag of coffee when I was supposed to be about filters.

    So having had this awakening – thanks in part to the nicely filtered coffee I’m enjoying while writing this – I pray that I’ll be more aware and less on auto-pilot this season. I’ll be really disappointed if I get to Boxing Day and I’m standing there wondering how I got there. Hopefully the deep meaning of the season will sink in along the way – if I let it. Auto-pilot disengaged!

    Christmas Eve Worship

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