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    December 4, 2019

    Our Advent worship services are planned, we’ve found families to do the Advent candle lighting each week, our annual potluck and church decorating party have happened, we’ve launched our annual Advent water project at the church, it’s cold out, there’s snow on the ground, my neighbours have lights outside and inflatable figures flapping around, several radio stations are playing non-stop holiday music, my mailbox is stuffed with sales flyers, my social media is flooded with cartoons and memes alternatively celebrating and mocking the season, and I’ve started to purchase family gifts – so why don’t I feel the slightest bit in the Christmas spirit yet? What am I waiting for?

    We have several family traditions that mark the season. One is that we don’t put up our lights or decorate our house or tree until after the first Sunday in Advent, so they will probably get done this weekend. Another is that we strive to balance the spiritual and the commercial and that requires a certain amount of restraint when the world out there is so gung-ho-ho-ho. And being a minister who theologically believes deeply in the meaning of Advent as a season of thoughtful preparation and reflection before celebrating the birth of the Christ child it kinda sets me up to resist the whole Christmas thing.

    I don’t want to be a Scrooge or a Grinch. I just want it to be deeply meaningful and not all crass commercialization and greed. I suppose I should rejoice that the world is at least embracing a season of peace and good will, but I fear that the popular understanding of Christmas is more about stirring emotions and feeling good while family gathers and love blossoms. (Well, at least that’s how it goes in the Hallmark movies.)

    I’m not sure what will propel me into the Christmas spirit. Some years I don’t really get it until I’m worshipping on Christmas Eve. I know that’s in line with the season of Advent – that Christmas doesn’t actually come until Christmas – but it does make me feel out of step with the world around me. If you are one who relishes the Christmas season then more power to you! I hope you have a wonderful season, filled with all the things you cherish.

    For me, I’ll be the one quietly walking through the glitz and the tinsel and trying not to spoil the party for someone else. But here’s the thing. I’m not sad or moping. I actually love this season – Advent, that is. I love it! I love the theology of it. I love the mood of it. I love the sense of hopeful expectation and introspection. I love the waiting. It’s just not Christmas. Not yet. Not for me.
    I pray that this season will be a blessing to you in whatever manner you journey through it!

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