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    October 22, 2019

    This has come into your inbox a day earlier than usual. Did you ‘notice’? I did this so I’d have an opportunity to give a plug to a workshop I’m offering Wednesday night (Oct 23) at Faith United. So here goes! The workshop is called Pray Your Day. The teaser for it reads like this: “Explore a beautiful prayer concept that encourages prayerful pauses at Dawn, Day, Dusk, and Dark. We’ll look at both informal and structured ways to Pray Your Day!”

    Just like it’s often easier to do a workout when you’re at a fitness club surrounded by other sweat-ers it’s often easier to pray when we’re at church surrounded by other pray-ers. But what about when you go home? How can you assist your desire to pray more often (perhaps unceasingly!) when you’re on your own? That’s what this workshop is about.

    It’s more than just techniques or resources. It’s about a concept. The concept is that punctuating your day at various times with moments of prayer is a very fruitful discipline. At our workshop we’ll explore a variety of ways to prayerfully punctuate your day – from informal to formal, from beginner to advanced, from simple to detailed.
    Maybe you’re a seasoned pray-er and you’re looking for a way to go even deeper.
    Maybe you’re floundering in your home prayer time and you’re hoping for anything that might help you do better.
    Maybe you’re just curious about learning some spiritual history and exploring a variety of ways that Christians pray.
    If any of those apply, or you’re somewhere in-between, there’s something for you at this workshop! We’ll learn, listen, and practice together. (No experience necessary!)

    I hope you’ll consider joining us for this workshop – ‘Pray Your Day’ – Wednesday October 23 @ 7:00 pm at Faith United.

    ‘Giving in Faith’

    A gigantic THANK YOU to the team that planned, organized, and facilitated our stewardship campaign! The steering group was: Brien Page, Donna Bignell, Diana Chappell, Gail Scott, and Steve Shanks. And there were dozens more of you involved in hosting coffee parties, presenting, telephoning, offering testimonies, and participating in other ways. More details will roll out in coming weeks as the data is collected and can be shared. But the single most important result is that the people of Faith United came together to share their passion for and commitment to this church and her people. I am grateful beyond words!

    Songs For Sunday Night

    Here’s a way to make your Sunday Night Worship experience even better! Here’s a link to the songs we’ll be singing this week. Now you can listen to the songs before you come and enter into worship more fully! And if you can’t make it Sunday you can just click and listen for your own worship time. Sunday Nights at 7:15pm. (Bring a friend!)

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