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    August 21, 2019

    I think this quotation from Thomas Merton resonates deeply with the recent sermon series we did together through August. I invite you to read it slowly, and at least three times. And even better, sit with it for 15 or 20 minutes and pray about it, letting the thoughts percolate and dance:

    I am a word spoken by God.
    Can God speak a word that does not have any meaning?
    Yet am I sure that the meaning of my life is the meaning God intends for it?
    Does God impose a meaning on my life from outside, through event, custom,
    routine, system, law, impact with others in society?
    Or am I called to create from within, with God, with God’s grace, a meaning
    which reflects God’s truth and makes me God’s word freely spoken in my personal situation?

     My true identity lies hidden in God’s call to my freedom and my response to God.

    [from Contemplative Prayer by Thomas Merton]

    Who me? Yes you!
    YOU are a word spoken by God! You are, in this way, God’s word. What might you say?

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