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    July 31, 2019

    “Summertime, and the living is easy!” I’m back from my 3 weeks of holidays. I hope you enjoyed the last few weeks of these Noticings featuring my hero Brother Lawrence! I certainly enjoyed my break from work. We did a bit of travelling, we saw some theatre, and we reconnected with old friends. But perhaps the best thing I did was to read – for pleasure! Most of my leisure reading is theologically based. My vocation is also my passion! But I decided that I just wanted to completely escape from my work this holiday so I only read fiction. And it was delightful! (And it was also theological – but I can see theology in anything, so that’s inescapable! )

    Now I’m back at work and enjoying the quiet groove of summer church life. There’s much less going on, generally speaking, so there’s lots of time to do other projects. I’ve been planning the fall thematically, selecting new music for Sunday Night Worship for when it returns in September, and thinking about bigger projects. Typical summer stuff.

    That’s not to say that the church is quiet. Sure, we don’t have our regular programming going on, but there’s lots of activity. The biggest one is the kid’s day camp that we host all summer. Talk about energy! The funniest thing has been listening to what they do at lunch time. They put on old classic rock music – and I mean old, as in the stuff I listened to in high school (!) – and the kids sing along to it at the top of their lungs. I mean, they are utterly screaming out the lyrics. If we sang hymns with a fraction of the enthusiasm they sing with at lunch time we’d move far more than just mountains!!!

    Summer is also the time for some core maintenance to get done around the church – the things that are too noisy or disruptive for the regular year. I’m not complaining at all! I’m totally grateful! What a gift it is to see the folks digging in and working hard to make the church better so that all of us can enjoy the facility without concern.

    Have you noticed the theme yet? It’s subtle. The theme is that spiritual stuff – God stuff – awesome stuff – meaningful, enjoyable, joyful, helpful stuff – often happens without any sense of formal churchiness at all. And yet, everything I’ve described in this “Noticings” is an example of God’s blessedness in the everyday interactions of our lives – if we’d only notice!

    “Well, come on Larry,” you might say, “With that kind of loose definition then anything and everything could be an example of God’s Presence.”
    Yup! It sure is! Happy summer Sabbath y’all!

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