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    June 26, 2019

    This coming Sunday is one of my favourite Sundays of the year, and I’m told that for many of you it’s a favourite too. We call it “Hymn Sing Sunday” and it’s your big chance to choose your favourite hymns or songs and write them down and see if they get drawn randomly from the hat. It’s the only lottery we officially endorse! One of the things that makes it fun for me is that I don’t do any sermon planning for that day. When it comes to the sermon time we pick a hymn from the hat and then I reflect on it theologically. I get to write my mini sermon while everyone is singing! For a guy who writes all his sermons out it’s like doing trapeze without a net! It’s a really fun Sunday every year. I hope you’ll come and sing! And remember, just like in a bar, if your request comes wrapped in a twenty it has a far greater chance of being picked! (Just kidding – kinda.)

    And in a related fashion, while I’m not planning on winging it all, I would like to open the month of August up to congregational requests too. But not for hymns. I’m asking for sermon topics. What would you like me to preach about? What story? What concept? What scripture passage? What aspect of church life? What have you always wondered about? I’m open to anything (well, almost anything!), and I’m seeking your input.

    So here’s your chance! There are 3 Sundays in August up for grabs. You get to decide what I preach about! (Depending on what you submit and what I choose – but other than that it’s all up to you!) Send in your requests this week, and I’ll choose 3 topics for August. Maybe you have a burning theological question that you’ve always wanted addressed? Maybe there’s an issue in the world that you’d like us to reflect on? Maybe there’s a character from the scriptures that fascinates you? Maybe there’s a scripture verse that you’ve always loved and want to hear more about, or one that you’ve always been confused by and would like to understand it better?

    I’m really looking forward to what you might send in! You could just reply to this Noticings or send me a note directly. And don’t forget to bring the names of your favourite hymns to church this Sunday! Happy pondering. (And in the meantime, happy Canada Day!)

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