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    May 8, 2019

    I find it interesting how often I end up reflecting on contrasts. Outside the world is exploding with new life – birds chirping, flowers blooming, trees budding, royal babies, everywhere you turn there’s something new, and wonderful, and life-affirming. At the same time there has been, for me, a preponderance of death-related things – cemetery interments and funerals at church, and the tragic diagnoses and losses of several people in my periphery, including a popular Christian writer named Rachel Held Evans (at 37 years young) and one of the true saints of the Church named Jean Vanier (who founded the L’Arche community concept for intellectually disabled persons).

    Sometimes the contrasts are present in the same instance. In my neighbourhood there’s a tree that produces spectacular flowery blossoms every spring. You can see that they are just about to burst any minute now. I look forward to it every year. And then, within days, those blossoms are all on the ground as even the slightest wind or rain seems to strip them from the tree as soon as they bloom.  Life and death, joy and sorrow, ups and downs, they all seem to be necessary parts of one another.

    In this season of Easter we celebrate the risen Christ even as we remember that despite that joy there is still a loss involved. Jesus is risen, but things are not the same. Death is defeated, but it’s not back to business as usual. As the disciples’ spirits were lifted and they were filled with delight at their experiences of the risen Christ they still had to go through the painful journey of learning to live and love day to day without Jesus guiding them as he used to.

    Life is not all bad, and it’s not all good either. I certainly don’t for a moment think that God is somehow orchestrating a variety of positive and negative experiences just to balance us out. I think it’s just that these contrasts are how life is. The secret is to notice the sacredness in both the ups and the downs, for they both have important things to teach us.

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