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    March 27, 2019

    We’re not there yet. The signs are all around, so we know it’s coming very soon, but we’re not there yet. We desperately want to be there, because being there generally feels better than where we are now, but we’re not there yet. It’s very human to want to leap over the hard parts of the journey and get to the part where everything is settled and clear, but we’re not there yet. So am I talking about Lent, or the coming of Spring, or discerning some decision in your life? Yes!

    Lent is a six week long journey of reflecting on some of the heavier aspects of our spiritual life in preparation for some of the heaviest aspects of Jesus’ story. So far we’ve looked at themes of desiring immunity from life’s ills, what it feels like when God’s Presence feels absent, and how our hearts yearn for communion with God. This Sunday we’ll be looking at sin, confession, and forgiveness. Heavy stuff! And we’re only half way through the season! We want it to be done, we want to get on with celebrating Easter, but we’re not there yet.

    As we gathered for our Faith Council meeting last Monday evening the sun was still streaming into the room at the start of the meeting. It’s a sure sign that Spring is near. The temperatures are rising, the snow is melting, the birds are more vocal, you can feel it in the air. But we’re not there yet! The daily highs are still only single digits. It’s simply not that warm out yet – but it feels so much warmer than the harshness of icy winter. I’ve seen people out in shorts and t-shirts already. I fear they’ll be home in bed sick if they’re not careful! We want to skip ahead to the warm part and skip over this in-between time of not quite yet.

    Perhaps you’ve experienced the same kind of feeling when you’re in the midst of trying to discern something about your life – a new path, an opportunity, a change, a choice. Some decisions are easy, but some require us to spend a significant amount of time in that in-between place weighing our options and pondering possibilities. It would be nice to just have the thing settled and figured out, to have all our questions answered and all our worries soothed, but we’re not there yet.

    These are all examples of what is known as liminal space. It’s the time between the ‘what was’ and the ‘next.’ It’s a place of transition, waiting, and not knowing. Liminal space is where all transformation takes place, if we learn to wait and let it form us. It’s a very spiritual concept – it’s a very Lent-y concept! There are no shortcuts. We just have to walk the path in faith, knowing that we do not journey alone, and trusting that we’ll be there soon. But we’re not there yet.

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