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    September 30, 2020

    Three weeks in a row. I don’t know how my head space was so different a month ago when I was doing my worship planning for this season but for the third week in a row I have changed my focus as I worked with the scripture and changed something about the service each week. Yesterday I changed the praise song for this Sunday. Unless you’re a fan of praise music, or you attended our Sunday Night Worship (long ago when we still had such things), you won’t know the song I changed to. But you will as of Sunday – and I think you’ll be very glad. It’s one of my absolute favourite praise songs. I love the way it sings and I love what it says.

    When I knew my prior selection wasn’t going to work, I started going through my song library and this one jumped out at me. Because it’s new for Sunday mornings I sent along a video of the song to Zeljka (our church musician) so she could get a feel for it. I was literally in mid-sentence typing the email explaining the song change when I just had to stop, and listen. The song, as music so often does, simply reached inside of me and demanded that I give my whole self to it in that moment. So I did. And I have to tell you that those 8 minutes were the most worshipful minutes I’ve experienced in months.

    You never know when God’s presence is going to burst through all your static and shine so brightly that you cannot ignore it anymore. And when it does, time stops. Everything stops. There is just you and God in that moment – suspended in time, enveloped in love. I don’t know about you, but my life has had a lot of static in it lately. All is well, I’m happy, I’m healthy, I’m loved. And still the noise persists and crowds out all the loveliness from time to time. So those 8 minutes of pure, sacred joy filled my heart and blew all that static away. I’m so grateful.

    If you’re curious, here’s a link to that song. Chances are it won’t touch you as deeply as it touched me yesterday (or just now when I replayed it). That’s ok. It’s not a test. I pray that it might inspire you to be on the lookout for where God is striving to cut through your static and be present for you too. I was busy, I had things to do. I could have kept typing and ignored the song. But I didn’t. I noticed. I paused. And it lit up my day, because it reminded me of how deeply I am loved, and how I am never alone. I know that God is calling to you too – through a song, or through a garden, or through a craft, or through a conversation with a dear friend, or through a walk, or… If you feel that nudge, or catch even the faintest glimpse, I pray you’ll press pause on your day and notice. Even for just 8 minutes. It just may be the blessing you’re looking for today.

    Rev. Larry
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