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    January 15, 2020

    All is well in my world. I’m feeling well, I have good energy for things, I’m enjoying myself musically, and I’m just generally having a nice season. That isn’t to say that all sorts of things aren’t swirling – because they are. Life happens. Currently, it’s happening in very heavy ways with some of my friends. I can’t fix things for them, but I can help. One way is by listening without advising. It’s good for the soul to have places where you can unload. And, happily, because I’m in a good place I can enter in with my friends and just be there for them – to just be. Clergy types call this the ministry of being a non-anxious presence – but it’s not just for clergy. You can participate in such a ministry too. I hope you have friends that can be that for you, and you for them.

    The hard part about such a ministry is that it’s very easy to take on a person’s burdens and have them weigh on you. It’s good to be empathetic, but it’s not good to have that empathy debilitate you. I hurt for my friends, and I hurt with my friends, but my gift to them in such situations is to not be so affected that I can’t be that non-anxious presence anymore. That may sound a bit cold, but it needn’t be.

    So what does one do with these feelings when they start to pile up and you’re in danger of becoming anxious? Light a candle. That’s what I did this morning. I was pondering what to write about in Noticings, feeling like all these things were weighing on me while I knew I was in a good space, and I just needed to take some time and breathe to put things in perspective. So I lit a candle and gazed at the gently flickering flame. Watching a candle gives you something to do while you’re breathing deeply. It gives you something to focus on and let your thoughts drift away. It draws you in and opens you up. It’s very powerful, and very simple. Isn’t it remarkable how so often the most spiritual and transformative things are actually so simple? Lighting a candle won’t solve all your problems, but it’ll help you pray – and that goes a long, long way toward making things better. And then you take that light (the light of Christ) with you as you non-anxiously journey alongside your friends. Light a candle my friends, and breathe.


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