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    January 1, 2020

    “God is in us, because we are in Christ.
    As members of the mystical body, Christians actually partake in the divine nature of the Trinity.
    We do not merely watch the dance, we dance the dance.
    We join hands with Christ and the Spirit flows through us and between us and our feet move always in the loving embrace of the Father.
    In that we are members of the mystical body of Christ, we see the joyful love of the Father through the eyes of the Son.
    And with every breath, we breathe the Holy Spirit.”

    From the wonderful book by Carl McColman, The Big Book of Christian Mysticism: The Essential Guide to Contemplative Spirituality (Charlottesville, VA: Hampton Roads Publishing Company, 2010), 165-166.

    As we enter this New Year and you’re tempted to make resolutions, how about resolving to do this? Whatever else you may choose, resolve to dance! We are not just spectators, so dance. Even if you don’t know the steps very well, dance. Dance like no one’s watching, goes the old adage.
    “Dance with the Spirit early in the morning,” goes the hymn from More Voices 156.
    If you’re a classic rock fan you may remember Steve Miller’s song “Dance, Dance, Dance!”
    Abba invited you to be a “Dancing Queen”.
    Bruce talked about “Dancing in the Dark”.
    The Bee Gees said “You Should Be Dancing!”
    Billy Idol was happy to be “Dancing With Myself”.
    Or simply remember Kenny Loggins’ advice that “Everybody cut footloose!”

    Whatever your groove, whatever your style, may your 2020 be filled with holy dancing!
    Happy New Year!

    Songs For Sunday Night

    Here’s a way to make your Sunday Night Worship experience even better! Here’s a link to the songs we’ll be singing this week. Now you can listen to the songs before you come and enter into worship more fully! And if you can’t make it Sunday you can just click and listen for your own worship time. Sunday Nights at 7:15pm. (Bring a friend!)
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