Faith@Home: Grateful for Fall Edition


For Each Household

  • Print: Welcome to the Faith@Home:  Grateful for Fall Edition – a welcome and introduction for households.  Click for the file  JPEG  PDF


There are a plethora of activities and ideas for you to choose from as you create packets with your families.  There are pieces that are intended for all members of a household to do together.  There are some activities that are meant to do individually and we think that the activities will appeal to all ages (with perhaps, some adaptations which are noted below in the lists). I would like to thank Pacific Mountain Region for putting all these fantastic resources together.
You might want to take one or two of the activities from each category – PRAY  PLAY  CREATE  SHARE
The instructions for each activity include a list of supplies that you will include in the packet. 
Share the Story! 
Print the Story Files you wish to include in your package:

  • Manna in the Wildnerness JPEG  PDF
  • and Miriam led the Dancing  JPEG  PDF
  • Turn the World Upside Down: The Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard JPEG  PDF
  • Faith Table Conversation Cards – 10 questions to share at the table!   JPEG  PDF 
  • PMR has a YouTube Channel with stories, graces, songs, dancing links, etc.  The channel will be up and running before August 30th.  JPEGPDF




  • Faith@Home Spiritual Practice Suggestions JPEG PDF 
  • Gratitude and Lament Spiritual Practice (stickers)  JPEG PDF

Gratitude Sticker:   JPEG
Lament Sticker:       JPEG 

  • Prayer Mats (modelling clay and prayer mats) Spark imagination, pray and reflect over the stories in Psalm 23 and The Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard  PDF 

Psalm 23:   JPEG 
Matthew 20:1-16:  JPEG

  • Restore My Soul – Top 5 List!  JPEG PDF 
  • Psalm 23 Travel Card – share the Psalm on  journeys with your family! (travel card)  JPEG  Back of Card  JPEG



These games invite families to gather and play together:


Creative activities to discover the stories of our faith:

  • Baked Bannock Recipe from Murray Pruden’s family JPEG PDF  
  • Parable of the Vineyard Family Art Project  (set of Art Cards)  JPEG PDF  

Art Cards:
Sorry these files aren’t available yet!

  • Secret Message Paintings (white crayon, set of paints, watercolour paper) JPEG PDF  
  • Take What you Need Posters (Take What you need Poster template) JPEG PDF  

Poster Template: JPEG PDF 

  • Texting Story – choose two biblical characters, what would their text conversations be like?  JPEG PDF  
  • Fall Care Postcards (Postcards, pick one for each child/youth suitable to their age level)  JPEG PDF  

Postcards: PDF