June 14, 2020

Sparks Summer – Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Ark – The Promise

Scripture Reference: Genesis 6-9

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The point of this story is that God cared so much about the created world that God made a plan to continue life on earth through the survivors on the ark. God loves animals, and God loves the people he created—even when they mess up. God can call a do-over and offer a second chance at things.
God wants us to love and obey. But we don’t always do this. Sometimes we are wicked through and through. Yet God loves us even when we are on the wrong track and doing all the wrong things. God has promised to love us always and no matter what, and so . . . we are loved! Always. No matter what. God keeps promises. This is what we can remember when we see the rainbow in the sky. The rainbow is a sign of God’s goodness and steadfast love.