October 11, 2020

JAM (Jesus & Me) – Online

10:30 am - 11:45 am
This Sunday we are going to be talking about The Tower of Babel – Genesis 11:1-9. The Tower of Babel story happens post-flood, after many descendants were born to Noah’s family. This story is often offered as an explanation for the diversity of languages within humanity, but it’s a symbol for much more. The Tower of Babel was a monument to human self-centeredness. In a move to literally elevate themselves, humanity wanted to be elevated figuratively, building a tower to “make a name for [them]selves” (Genesis 11:4).
JAM (Jesus & Me) is Faith United’s weekly children’s program for Grades 6 and up. This year as we will be using the Connect curriculum. With a bit of humour, Connect helps teens see the big picture of the Bible with the use of funny and quirky videos. Each week, readings and activities will help build an understanding of key Bible themes, encouraging teens to see the narrative arc of the Bible. All materials will be posted ahead of time on a separate secure and interactive platform, Google Classrooms. All activities can be completed at a youth’s own pace. Registration is required. Youth are welcome to join anytime throughout the year! They are also encouraged to join Faith’s Youth Group who meets twice per month for games, movies, and outreach.