Maya Angelou and the Freedom Poetry of Advent (JAM)

Maya Angelou and the Freedom Poetry of Advent – Week Three

This is intend for the youth who participate in Jesus and Me (Grade 6 to 12). Lessons will be posted on GroupMe and can be emailed by request.
It is time to dig out last year’s Advent wreath!

“I’m always amazed when people walk up to me and say, ‘I’m a Christian.’ I think, ‘Already? You already got it?’ I’m working at it, which means that I try to be kind and fair and generous and respectful and courteous to every human being.”
+ Maya Angelou

If you have any questions, please email Stacey – Children, Youth, and Young Family Leader at

Advent Decorating Outdoors

Calling all children, family and youth! Help us get ready for Advent—a holy, four-week countdown to Jesus’ birthday.

We will be decorating the outside of the church, so make sure you dress for the weather, and we ask that you wear a mask.

For more information please contact Stacey – Children, Youth, and Young Family Leader at

Firehouse Fright Night 2021 (Youth Group)

The Faith Youth Group is invited to journey 30 minutes, you become the focus of dozens of creatures spread across more than 20 heart-pounding scenes. Navigate this huge maze, and see if you can survive, Firehouse Fright Night 2021 – “Courtice, and the Field of Screams”!!

This event is a fundraiser for The Firehouse Youth Centre. The event is fully outdoors and 100% requires a mask. For more information, please contact

Outdoor Pumpkin Decorating

Join us for our outdoor pumpkin decorating family event on October 17th. This event is a little different this year, but just as fun! All participants must wear a mask and social distance. Please bring a chair or blanket. We will be spread out on the grass. All participants must be preregistered by October 13th to

There will be supplies to decorate your pumpkin, but feel free to bring your own.

Youth Involvement in Anti-racism

Join Thea Sheridan-Jonah (Youth Social Justice Animator Intern for the United Church) and Hannah Kim-Cragg (Anti-Racism Youth Animator for the United Church) in a discussion on how youth can become involved in anti-racism work. Please contact Stacey (Child, Youth, and Young Family Leader) to register

Orange Shirt Day Vigil (Youth Group)

Executive Minister Murray Pruden will be hosting a candle light vigil to honour the children who never made it home from Residential Schools and survivors. Please join us for an evening of remembering and please bring a candle or a light.
Event will be hosted on Facebook Live:
Everyone is invited, but I am extending a special invitation to the Faith Youth Group.

The Orange Shirt Story

I hope you can join me on Zoom for a live reading of the book, The Orange Shirt Story! 

When Phyllis Webstad (nee Jack) turned six, she went to the residential school for the first time. On her first day at school, she wore a shiny orange shirt that her Granny had bought for her, but when she got to the school, it was taken away from her and never returned. This is the true story of Phyllis and her orange shirt. It is also the story of Orange Shirt Day (an important day of remembrance for First Nations and non First Nations Canadians). 

Please email to receive the Zoom link. 

– Stacey ~ Child, Youth, and Young Family Leader

Keeping Your Youth Engaged In A Virtual World

Please join me and have your say on the highs and lows of your child’s faith formation journey. How can I better support you and your family?

This discussion has no agenda, and I am looking for feedback and enhancements to the current virtual ministry programming.

All children, youth, and families are welcome.

Zoom link:

Building Bug Hotels (Youth Group) – Cancelled

Join Kathleen and me as we create vertical habitats for insects, arachnids and other garden creatures who live in our gardens.

Please bring corrugated cardboard, pine cones, pine needles if they have some around the house. And a flashlight.
Please also bring your masks and water!
This event is geared to youth Grade six and up. Please RSVP to

Indigenous Attachment Hearts Workshop (Youth Group)

Join Donna and me as we create Attachment Hearts for those who are homebound and hard-working caregivers.

Attachment Hearts are healthy connections for people dealing with separation anxiety, depression and sensory issues. The soft tactile material of the heart is great for rubbing and fiddling within your hands. The scent of the medicine is released while offering a moment to remember those we are connected to.

The two Traditional Indigenous Medicines we will be using in this craft are Sage and Sweetgrass.

This event is geared to youth Grade six and up. Please RSVP to
Please bring your masks and water!


Welcome Back, Joyful Noise!

Welcome Back, Joyful Noise! Join me as we get to gather with our friends and catch up. We will also talk about facing our fears and read the story of Daniel. We will then play a few rounds of Kahoot! Make sure to bring an extra device.

This event is is geared for ages 3 to grade 5.

Please email Stacey at for the Zoom link.


Storytelling: A Healing Activity (Youth Group)

Brené Brown says the two most powerful words when we struggle are: “Me too.” These simple words can lift us out of loneliness in seconds. To know we are not alone. To understand, we are seen. To trust we are heard. It’s powerful.

Join me as we give ourselves a voice to articulate our pandemic experiences through poetry, writing, and art, as we read other teens’ losses, disappointments, fear, and isolation.

This event will be held outdoors and masks are required.

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact Stacey, Children, Youth, and Young Family Leader at


Please support Pride Month by spreading rainbows and rainbow colours of chalk in and around Courtice.
You can participate by chalking your sidewalk or driveway in rainbow colours.
Make sure to share your posts on social media and tag #ChalkTheWalkRainbow.
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