Noticings – January 19, 2022

NOTICINGS… January 19, 2022 I know, I know. It’s a month early. But I figured I’d beat the rush and go ahead and get the February blahs started now! There’s nothing wrong, per se. Life is actually pretty darn good. My relationships, my work, my health, they’re all strong and nurturing. So why am I read on

Noticings – January 12, 2022

NOTICINGS… January 12, 2022 My arm is sore. It’s because my wife and I got our Covid booster jabs yesterday. We’re both feeling a bit of discomfort, but of course nothing like we’d feel if we were laid out with Covid. And that’s the whole point. It’s mind-boggling to me that some people don’t get read on

Noticings – January 5, 2022

NOTICINGS… January 5, 2022 It surprised me when I heard myself say it. Or maybe it was the feeling that accompanied it that surprised me. ‘It’ was my reaction to the latest round of safety restrictions imposed due to the pandemic. The previous round cancelled our in-person Christmas worship – again, for the second year read on

Noticings – December 1, 2021

NOTICINGS… December 1, 2021  Welcome to December. There’s already snow on the ground, and neighbourhoods are glowing with festive lights (and all manner of inflatable silliness too). December means Christmas is just around the corner, and that means I need to be thinking about and planning worship for Christmas Eve at Faith United. I had read on

Noticings – November 24, 2021

NOTICINGS… November 24, 2021  It was kind of surreal. Leading worship in front of actual humans instead of just a camera for the first time in 20 months was a remarkable experience. I will confess to being extremely stressed and anxious about it beforehand. So many details – Will the tech work? Will everyone be read on

Noticings – November 17, 2021

NOTICINGS… November 17, 2021  Birthdays are kind of like New Years in that there’s an element in them of turning a page, having a fresh slate, entering a new season. I just had a birthday a few days ago, and for whatever reason this is feeling like a ‘new year’ to me. As such, I’ve read on

Noticings – November 11, 2021

NOTICINGS… November 11, 2021  Let me be clear. There is really no debate about this. The scientific consensus is powerful and persuasive. The BEST science is unequivocal in support of this idea: being double vaccinated against Covid-19 is the single best way to both protect ourselves and protect one another in this pandemic time. Full read on

Noticings – November 3, 2021

NOTICINGS… November 3, 2021  Like many other ministers I know, I have the DVD box set of a British comedy series called “The Vicar of Dibley.” I’ve just finished watching through the series again and I wanted to share with you what I noticed. Ministers are real people! Geraldine shows us that hilariously, tenderly, and read on

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