Noticings – May 5, 2021

NOTICINGS… May 5, 2021 I just noticed something. I forgot to write Noticings today. I’m writing this as I’m sitting down late Wednesday afternoon with a cup of tea after my workday, and only now did it occur to me that today is Wednesday. Maybe I’m not alone. Are the days kind of blurring together read on

Noticings – April 28, 2021

NOTICINGS… April 28, 2021 I’m moving. Just houses, not churches. No, we haven’t found a place yet. We’re still looking. No, we haven’t sold our home yet. Buy one first, then sell. Yes, we’re well aware of how volatile and wild the real estate market is. I’m really looking forward to moving because then we’ll read on

Noticings – April 21, 2021

NOTICINGS… April 21, 2021 Well of course it is. Snowing. In late April. Like we didn’t have enough disheartening stuff swirling around in our lives lately. We wake up on what should be a beautiful, warm, sunny spring day and discover that it’s none of those things. It’s cold and snowy and very un-spring-like. But read on

Noticings – April 14, 2021

NOTICINGS… April 14,  2021 Two things happened to me out of the blue on Saturday. One I should have anticipated; the other was pure windfall. Both of them captivated my emotions. The windfall was that as we are packing up our house preparing for our upcoming move (house, not church) we are discovering long-hidden treasures. read on

Noticings – April 6, 2021

NOTICINGS… April 6,  2021 I am on study leave this week so there will not be a worship service livestreamed from Faith United this weekend (April 11th). Zeljka and I will return at our usual 10:30 am time on Sunday April 18th. Rather than try to arrange for a pulpit supply minister to come in read on

Noticings – March 31, 2021

NOTICINGS… March 31,  2021 Last night I received my first dose of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine. I had mixed feelings about getting it. Not for one millisecond about whether I should or shouldn’t be vaccinated. That was easy. A no-brainer as they say. I was, and am, convinced that everyone – EVERYONE – should get read on

Noticings – March 24, 2021

NOTICINGS… March 24,  2021 I guess we were due. In this extraordinary past 12 months where we have not been able to gather in-person for worship (or anything!) we have had to rely on technology – for just about everything. Well, as you probably know, last Sunday that technology failed us. I have dubbed it read on

Noticings – March 17, 2021

NOTICINGS… March 17,  2021 On the weekend I attended an online meeting for a group that focuses on spirituality and spiritual deepening. As we gathered, and fell into our spiritual groove together, we shared how things were for us these days, and we were each asked to offer a word to describe what was stirring read on

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