Noticings – July 21, 2021

NOTICINGS… July 21, 2021 This summer we’re hearing the voices of women mystics. I invite you to read each quotation slowly and prayerfully. Do not hurry. Linger. Savour. Pray.  This week we ponder the words of Hildegard of Bingen… Humankind, full of all creative possibilities, is God’s work.  Humankind alone is called to assist God.  read on

Noticings – July, 14 2021

NOTICINGS… July 14, 2021 I am very tired. I’ve been ready for a holiday for quite some time and starting this Sunday, right after church, I get one. Hallelujah! To prepare for my absence I had a long checklist of tasks to do – finding worship leaders, writing out tech instructions, arranging for song leaders, read on

Noticings – June 7, 2021

NOTICINGS… June 7, 2021 My newly retired wife took advantage of her newfound freedom and went to the church yesterday morning to hang out with the gardening gang. She came home with all sorts of stories, and a giant smile on her face. Simply put, it was just the joy of being able to be read on

Noticings – June 30, 2021

NOTICINGS… June 30, 2021 As of today I live with a woman who no longer has any class or principals. My wife retires today after a wonderful 30 year career as a high school math and music teacher. I’ve been receiving video well-wishes, and Facebook notes from many of her colleagues and former students. Unsurprisingly, read on

Noticings – June 23, 2021

NOTICINGS – JUNE 23, 2021 Our denomination generally follows a set of scripture readings called the Revised Common Lectionary. It’s a three-year cycle with 4 readings offered each week: one each from the Hebrew Scriptures, Psalms, New Testament, and Gospels. It gives a nice structure to the year, and takes you to readings that you read on

Noticings – June 16, 2021

NOTICINGS… June 16, 2021 It worked! All the decluttering and clearing out of things. All the cleaning. All the stripping the house of anything personal or ‘homey’. All the froofy pillows. It worked! We are thrilled that our house has now sold, and quite quickly. This is new for us. For whatever reason we’ve always read on

Noticings – June 9, 2021

NOTICINGS… June 9, 2021 I don’t even know where to start. I have no insights, no explanations, certainly no answers – just questions. Terrible, haunting questions. Why do some people so devalue and dehumanize other people that it is somehow deemed plausible to kill those people? How could any society, at any time, ever produce read on

Noticings – June 2, 2021

NOTICINGS… June 2, 2021 I’m finding myself yearning for normalcy these days. The pandemic has obviously thrown us all for a considerable loop (more about that in Sunday’s sermon), but it’s more than that. If you’ve been following Noticings for a while you’ll know that my family is in the midst of a house odyssey. read on

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