Noticings – October 20, 2021

NOTICINGS… October 20, 2021    I spent a few days of my study leave last week away at a retreat centre on Stoney Lake (northeast of Peterborough, ON). Solitude is good for my soul. I have been part of a group of men who have gotten together annually for this event. Of course last year read on

Noticings – October 13, 2021

NOTICINGS… October 13, 2021  (I am away at a retreat for my study leave this week. I offer you this reflection by Thich Nhat Hanh, as introduced by Richard Rohr.) The Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh teaches this wisdom through the ceremony and meditation of tea (a Buddhist parallel to the Christian Eucharist): You must read on

Noticings – October 6, 2021

NOTICINGS… October 6, 2021  Autumn is by far my favourite season of the year. I love the cooling temperatures, the crispness in the air, the return of comfy sweaters and hoodies, and most of all, of course, the colours. Yesterday while walking our dog we noticed (it’s amazing what you notice when you stop looking read on

Noticings – September 29, 2021

NOTICINGS… September 29, 2021  I absolutely love discovering new praise songs! As I was preparing for worship this coming Sunday I couldn’t find any songs in our repertoire that said what I wanted them to say. So, that leaves two options: write one, or find one. This week I took door number two, and I read on

Noticings – September 22, 2021

NOTICINGS… September 22, 2021  One of my devotional practices comes to me once a week via email. It’s from a creative team called Salt of the Sound. Primarily they offer swirly, ambient, meditative music compositions and soundscapes, and they also marry those sounds to nature video loops to create prayerful meditations for both the eyes read on

Noticings – September 15, 2021

NOTICINGS… September 15, 2021 I absolutely love my new music room/home office. I’ve got my guitars displayed on the wall, a comfy couch to relax on, a spacious desk for my sprawl, and most of all, a door! As in, it’s my own space – not shared or multipurpose or family space. It’s just mine! read on

Noticings – September 8, 2021

NOTICINGS… September 8, 2021 We are in the midst of some desperately needed rain. (I needed to write this Noticings last week so I can’t be sure if it happened, but the weather forecasts are never wrong, right?) Lawns have been turning brown, crops are not getting what they need to flourish, and people have read on

Noticings – September 1, 2021

NOTICINGS… September 1, 2021 I just glanced at my phone and noticed that it is September 1st today. That surprised me. It’s not like I’ve been away from the calendar, but seeing September caught me off guard. It shouldn’t have. At the time I noticed I was sitting on my deck enjoying a morning coffee, read on

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