Noticings – June 22, 2022

NOTICINGS… June 22, 2022 (Yesterday, June 21st, was National Indigenous Day in Canada. In honour of that day I wanted to share with you this reflection written by Rev. John Thompson who is the Co-Chair of the United Church ‘National Indigenous Council’.)   The Earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof… — Psalm 24:1  This read on

Noticing – June 15, 2022

NOTICINGS… June 15, 2022  Music touches us and moves our spirits in ways far deeper than words alone ever can. Worship music – whether it’s a ‘golden oldie’, a Voices United classic, or a newer praise song – makes our hearts sing! What’s your favourite? What tunes make you close your eyes, and bob your read on

Noticings – June 8, 2022

NOTICINGS… June 8, 2022 This week I’d like to share with you our Moderator’s Pentecost message for this year. It is on YouTube, and the link is below. Richard speaks about the birth of the Church, and the challenge for us as church in this day and age. He reminds us that “we are people read on

Noticings – June 1, 2022

NOTICINGS… June 1, 2022 It was just an offhand comment, the kind all of us makes all the time. Someone was wanting to take a spur-of-the-moment snapshot picture – called a ‘selfie’. But this person wasn’t a big selfie-taker and was not adept at the workings of their cell phone camera. In that moment the read on

Noticings – May 25, 2022

NOTICINGS… May 25, 2022 I was introduced to this body prayer last week and I found it very moving and prayerful. The description below comes from the group that created it, from the tradition of a mystic named Julian of Norwich. Please modify any of the positions to suit your own physical needs. There is read on

Noticings – May 18, 2022

NOTICINGS… May 18, 2022 It has been a cooler than expected spring. Then last week the temperatures soared into the high 20s. Surely, spring had been skipped right over and we were on our way to summertime! Nope. This week we’re right back to low-mid teens again. What’s going on? Well, the easiest way to read on

Noticings – May 11, 2022

NOTICINGS… May 11, 2022 Maybe it’s what you choose to focus on? As I’m writing this I’m sitting on my front porch on our new Muskoka style chairs. The sun is shining brightly but I’m safely under a canopy. The breeze is blowing gently, and the birds are chattering in every direction. I have some read on

Noticings – May 4, 2022

NOTICINGS… May 4, 2022 The place was just buzzing. I arrived at the church on Tuesday morning and it was a hive of activity. A group of men were working in the back part of the property and attending to some repairs. A group of quilters were practicing their art in the Sun Room. A read on

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