Noticings – March 15, 2023

Did you have some pie yesterday? We did. It was a delicious shepherd’s pie recipe with some curry zing in it. Why pie? It’s because yesterday was ‘pie day’. It was March 14, or 3/14, which if expressed as 3.14 becomes the mathematical value called ‘pi’. Yes, on one level it’s all just a bit of silliness with numbers. But folks have taken that silliness and infused it with some really important meaning.

The United Church has adopted the idea that March 14 can be marked as PIE day. The three letters, PIE, become an acronym. It stands for Public, Intentional, and Explicit. PIE day becomes a day to name ourselves as an Affirming congregation, and to commit ourselves to practicing those three letters. Just about every church is welcoming to just about anyone who graces their doors. The difference in our being an Affirming congregation is that we don’t just rely on our inherent niceness. To be Affirming means to practice PIE! We are public about our Affirming status. We are intentional about how we welcome, include, celebrate, support, and honour all people. And we are explicit that we are doing these things, out loud, because we know God loves all people, and we need to be noisy about it.

So, we had some pie yesterday. If you didn’t, don’t fret! You can have pie any day you want. And wouldn’t it be great if *every* day was PIE day!

I invite you to click this link to watch a short video about PIE day from our Moderator, the Rev. Dr. Carmen Lansdowne.