Noticing – June 15, 2022


June 15, 2022

 Music touches us and moves our spirits in ways far deeper than words alone ever can. Worship music – whether it’s a ‘golden oldie’, a Voices United classic, or a newer praise song – makes our hearts sing! What’s your favourite? What tunes make you close your eyes, and bob your head, and smile ear to ear? What rhythms make your heart go pitter-pat? What songs, when you finish singing them, just make you breathe out deeply and silently form the word ‘Amen’? Would you like to share those hymns?
It’s that time again! The last Sunday in June is always a special worship service at Faith United. It’s our annual Hymn Sing Sunday – on Sunday June 26 in our morning worship. You send in hymn requests, or write down your favourites if you’re at in-person worship, and then I draw them randomly from a hat and we sing them. Then the big fun happens – the sermon time consists of 3 hymns (randomly selected at that moment) and I get to improvise the sermon on the spot. Fun for the whole family!
So start sending in your favourite hymns now to, or at church on Sunday. Some folks say its the best service of the year! More music! (Less Larry). (hahaha) Sunday June 26.

Rev. Larry