Noticings – February 23, 2022


February 23, 2022

Happy 25th Anniversary
In just a few short days Faith United will celebrate our 25th anniversary as a congregation. 25 years is an amazing milestone to acknowledge. I am overjoyed to lift up this day and celebrate with all of you this momentous event!
25 years! Wow!!!
Preparing for this celebration we reached out to the previous ministers who served the predecessor congregations to Faith United. You’ll hear their responses on Sunday. Each of them spoke eloquently and gratefully about their experience during that time of transition.

And now, here we are. 25 years in – inheriting a tremendous legacy of faithfulness and commitment to the mission of Christ’s church! Our task is to carry on.
What shape of ministry is God calling us into for the next 25 years?
What is your part to play?

Communion THIS Sunday
As part of our anniversary celebration we will be having Communion together. It’s a week sooner than our usual monthly sacrament. I hope you will prepare something to serve as your bread and wine this Sunday.

In-Person Worship returns March 2nd
As the restrictions around Covid are receding we are ready to return to offering an in-person worship experience in addition to our continuing online livestream. We will follow the same protocols for attending that we did back in November. (See below.)

Our first event will be a short Ash Wednesday service on March 2nd at 7:00 pm. This is in-person only and *not* livestreamed. Then on March 6th we will have an in-person Sunday morning option again.

Council has set these two guidelines as our in-person policy:

  1. Every person entering Faith United must be vaccinated for Covid-19
  2. Every person entering Faith United will wear a mask
    1. (small groups may choose to unmask if the choice is unanimous, large groups may not)

Here’s what to expect if you choose to try in-person worship:

  1. You’ll need your vaccine QR code, or bring your proof of vaccination receipt.
  2. There will be a line up to get in while information is checked. Plan to arrive earlier than 10:25!
    1. (In subsequent weeks the process will speed up because we’ll already know who has shown proof of vaccination previously.)
  3. Quiet singing is allowed, but for now we’ll remain seated throughout the service.
  4. Physical distancing is encouraged.
  5. Offering plates will be stationary on a table, not passed.
  6. There will be activity bags for children, but not a formal Joyful Noise class for now.

We know that many people will still not be comfortable gathering in-person yet, so we are ensuring that the online livestream experience will remain excellent.