131224 – Christmas Eve Poem

A Poem for Christmas Eve 2013candlelight-z

Curiously drawn to this sacred space
Escaping the frenzy of the festive season
Seeking comfort, quiet, stillness
A touchstone
A memory
A familiar old story
But what story?
A holy story
A family story
Your family story!
Filled with surprises and challenges and wonders
Showered in gifts and gratitude and joy
Reminded of how fragile and vulnerable we are
Like icy trees we shine gloriously in the light
Yet in harsh times and strong winds we fear we may break
We fear the season may overwhelm us
We fear our resources may run out
We fear the darkness
We fear

We are vulnerable
Like a newborn child
So fragile yet strangely powerful
A gift of love
A gift of God
A gift

And like an infant we are not alone
We are surrounded by love
By warmth
By strength
By light

The darkness of fear is pierced by the light
Like a newborn’s cries pierce our hearts with joy
Like squeals of delight pierce the Christmas dawn
It’s finally here!
Light and life abound!
It’s a family story
It’s a holy story
It’s a familiar old story
Of Joe and Mary
Of John and Linda
Of Elaine and Bill
Of Rachel and Mark
Of David, Julie, Philip, Betty, Robert, Andrew, Jennifer, Michelle, Peter, Anne…

It’s your story
Of light
Of love
Of hope
Of peace
Of joy

A memory
A touchstone
Bringing comfort, quiet, stillness
Transcending the frenzy of the festive season
Drawn to this sacred space