Epiphany Games and Crafts


Deck The Halls With Stars

Somewhere in your house you probably have star shaped decorations. Or you have things to make them out of: cardboard, cookie dough, modeling clay or even wool. You can make them fancy or plain. You can find a pattern to crochet them. You can bake them and ice them. You can make them big or small. Or you can find start shaped trees ornaments and use those.

Spread those stars, all the different kinds, all around the house. You could create a Star Hunt for other people in the family. You could all take turns hiding them in different places or just rearranging them in the rooms where they are. However you decide to do it, in the end, they will surprise you. Just like the new, wild star surprised the Magi who decided to set out to find out what it meant.

Epiphany – Story of the Wise Ones

“NEW STAR” Words by Shannon Tennant. Art by Jacob Dewey. Download here.

Recipe For Epiphany Cake

For families who are feeling adventurous, trying baking an Epiphany Cake on January 6th. Recipe available here.

Epiphany Prayer Box

Find a small box and decorate it with paint, decorative paper, and glue treasure-like items like beads, jewels, gold cord. Place the box in a prominent place. Put some slips of paper and markers near the box, and make a sign that reads “God, I thankyou for the gift of…” Add a prayer to the Epiphany Prayer Box whenever you think of it. Write or draw your prayer on the slips of paper and place them in the Epiphany Prayer Box. Choose a time with your family members to revisit the prayers added to thebox, praying them again, all together – maybe on Ash Wednesday? .


Sunday, January 10th @ 1 PM – Joyful Noise will be crafting our very own Epiphany Stars via Zoom. If you can’t join, but want to make a star, download the template here

Saturday, January 16th @ 7 PM – Youth Group will be crafting luminaries, drinking hot chocolate and stargazing (weather permitting) via Zoom. Want to make your own star luminary? Click here to download instructions.

Email childrenandyouth@faithunited.ca to join in or receive more information about Faith’s virtual children and youth events.

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