Lent & Holy Week Games and Crafts

40 Lent Activities For Families – Download here.

Family Conversation Cards

There are four pages of cards, and each page is focused on a different topic, including diversity and feelings. – Download here.

Holy Week Colouring Pages

Including Mark, Matthew, and Luke’s Holy Week -Download here.

Palm Sunday Virtual Parade Ideas – Download here.

Craft your very own simple Hosanna Branch Wavers – Download here.

Holy Week Neighbourhood Hide & Seek

Holy Week is seven days in the Christian church year for Christians to remember the hard and sad parts of Jesus’ story. Sometimes it’s hard to hear sad stories. This story happened whether we listen or not. People who didn’t like Jesus arrested him and they wouldn’t let him go. Later they nailed him to a cross to kill him. Jesus died. It was very sad. But three days later, God did an amazing thing. God made Jesus alive again. That is the wonderful mystery of Easter. We try to remember the hard and sad times and the amazing and wonderful times. With your family, go for a walk around where you live. Can you find these symbols of the Holy Week story? – Download here.

Household Easter Seek & Find
See if you can find these symbols and traditions of Easter in your home! Check off the ones you can find! – Download here.


Marking One Year Online!
It’s been almost a year since we’ve been together, seen our friends, shared hugs, and experienced the joy of community. A year since COVID-19 changed the world as we knew it. We brought our kids home from school and tried to figure out what Zoom worship looked like (it will only be for a few weeks, right?).
Illustrated Ministry has come up with some prayers to help communities mark this year of COVID-19, and they created a set of three colouring pages that go along with these prayers. This is a free resource, so please feel free to share it widely. Download here.

Mental Health Resources For Youth

Duty of Care

How To Live-Stream Worship With Kids

Participating in live-streamed worship with children can be tricky; watching worship on a screen may be far less engaging than worshiping in person. Here are a few tips to help you get started.