Call For All Xbox, PlayStation & Nintendo Players!

Electronic Gaming Night

In the effort of reaching out to the youth in our community, Faith United Church is excited to initiate Electronic Gaming Night that takes place during Family Fun Night.

We understand that electronic gaming is a form of youth’s communication. They see the process creates mutual acceptance, openness and a sense of belonging. We encourage the parents and guardians to see a world through their youth’s lenses, in return to promote youth’s emotional well-being and growth.

Logistically, we plan to set out an Xbox and/or PlayStation along with several board games in the upstairs living room. Therefore, we welcome your input in regards to the choices of board games that would interest youth.

Lastly, if you are able to provide an Xbox console and controllers, a PlayStation console and controllers and or a T.V., please contact Hailu at 289-928-8787 or Enid at 905-436-2729.

Game On!